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Yielding All to God is the Key to Spiritual Growth

DevotionsYielding All to God is the Key to Spiritual Growth

Mark 11:24

📕Spiritual Growth does not just come. It is worked at through the help of the Holy Spirit.

📕The Lord reveals His plans for our life when we commit our totality to Him no matter the circumstances. When we yield our all to Him, He guides us into spiritual growth. He is Omniscient, He knows when we seek His guidance and what we will do with it.

✍️ Therefore, yielding must come before our prayers for guidance.

📕Let us not forget that the Lord hears and grants our petitions when we yield our all and ask according to His will.

📕This means that It is possible to make requests that are not of God, but believers who yield themselves to Him will find their way to the right request and the best possible answer. The Holy Spirit guides the believer in Christ to ask within His will.

✍️The statement, The Lord will grant you the desires of your heart, is only true when we yield ourselves and ask according to His will. This is why the concluding part of that verse is to delight yourself in the Lord. One who delights oneself to the Lord humbles oneself and abides by God’s will for one’s life.

📕Sometimes, God guides believers to an answer through His Word; that is why we encourage people to reflect upon it (Psalm 1:2-3).

📕Our scriptural reading can take us to the very passage that deals with our exact situation or reveals a principle that applies. The importance of Bible reading cannot be over-stressed.

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📕No doubt, God can speak a clear message to a person´s heart that nobody else would glean from those particular verses of the Bible.

📕The key is to believe that the Lord is going to guide you when you yield yourself to Him as you read the Scriptures and to obey His Word by faith as He reveals it to you (Mark 11:24).

📕The process of spiritual growth is sometimes slow, so we must follow God’s instructions. Running ahead or manipulating circumstances can be a costly mistake. Waiting and following God’s Guidance is preponderant in this race.

📕Our Omniscient, Sovereign God acts on behalf of those waiting for and listening to Him (Isa. 64:4). Those who seek directions and guidance from God will receive.

✍️Do you want to grow spiritually? Then, decide now to yield your all to Him, ask for His guidance and bury your will in His; He will guide you into spiritual growth.

Shalom and Maranatha!

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