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Words: The currency of the spirit

DevotionsWords: The currency of the spirit

Ecclesiastes 10:19

A feast is made for laughter, wine makes life merry, and money is the answer for everything.


Buying and selling is done with money, money makes goods and services change hand, transactions are executed once money is released. So also in the spirit words are like money leading to the execution of a transaction. It is written, at the MENTION of the name of Jesus every knee must bow. Notice at the “MENTION”. This tells us there is a spoken declaration. Words are not just used by believers but are also used by children of the devil. Whenever a demonic spell is to be cast upon someone, evil words are declared upon that person.

The power or strength of these words depends directly on the level of authority the kingdoms they represent have and the knowledge of the possessor. For example, the value of $1 is far greater than the value of 1 Zimbabwean or Cameronian money, 1 pounds greater than 1 dollar etc.. Howerver, an ignorant American can still trade his $1 dollar for 1 Zimbabwean currency due to lack of knowledge.


The words you speak, which kingdom do they represent? 


We, believers, belong to the Kingdom of Jesus, the one who has all power. So the words we speak in the name of Jesus is greater than any other word spoken from any kingdom.


Note that you can have money and still live in poverty, you can have money and decide not to use it, in the same vein, some Christians have the word but do not use it, some do not know the value of the word they have, no wonder they get scared when threatened by an agent of the devil.

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True knowledge of the resources of your kingdom will give you strength to succeed when challenged by the devil

Acquire more spiritual currency today by studying more of the Bible, learn the secrets of the kingdom of God by allowing the Holy Spirit to transform you through obedience to the word.


Prayer: Father help me to understand how wealthy your kingdom is, help me to always speak your word to situations around me.

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