Leah was considered the unloved wife of Jacob. This is true as the bible recorded Leah was not Jacobs’ original choice but was deceived by Laban into marrying her. I really wonder how hard Leahs’ life would have been knowing her younger sister is more loved by their husband and she was used as a tool to satisfy her father’s culture.

Join Christelle Ilunga discuss some key points about Leah on the program “Women Like Us”.

Are you a woman in this generation and consider your situation similar to that of Leah? Leah was a woman like us. Let’s come together and discuss about her experience.

Facts about Leah to be discussed:

Leah as a daughter of Laban

Leah as a mother

Leah as “Not beautiful”

Leah as a wife


Date and Time: 7th August, 2021, Time 8PM Israel time

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