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Will you Obey?

DevotionsWill you Obey?

John 2: 5

His mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.


To have a perfect work with God requires our total submission, trust and obedience to the word and voice of God.
Our God is faithful and it pleases Him to see that His children prosper physically and spiritually.


Every father would greatly reward any son or daughter that obeys him.
Many times we are hungry for God’s blessings and transformation but we are failing to submit totally to His Will, Obey and trust in Him.


In today’s devotion, we would see the reward of obedience and how we can also get the best from life.
At the marriage feast in John 2, the Bible tells us that it was a great feast with notable and respectable men in attendance.
When they needed wine, it was recorded that there was no wine.


To get the best from life as we would see from this Bible passage,

First, you must invite Jesus in your life, and allow Him to be in charge of everything that concerns you.
Inviting Jesus in your life means “Repentance”.
You must be born again.
In John 2:2, the Bible says Jesus and His disciples were invited to the wedding feast.


I wonder how horrible and embaracing it would have been for those couple if they had never invited Jesus.
Again, we must understand that the presence of the Lord in your life, never guarantees that life would always be rosy, but one of the thing it guarantees is peace of mind, irrespective of your situation.

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The fact that life will not be rosy all the time is not an avenue for you as a child of God to fold your hands and watch. Most times God allows certain situations, to build our faith and therefore we must be able to learn from any stage of life the Lord puts us through.


Loosing a job after giving your life to Christ, might be because the Lord has planned something greater for you. Now this is where you must learn to trust the Lord.


Yes! Jesus was invited and still the wine finish,
Why? The Lord had the best with Him and until we are empty of what we are or what we think we know, we cannot get the best.


Secondly, you must build a prayer life relationship with the Lord.
In John 2:3, Mary told Jesus her son, “son the wine is finished”
When you fail to pray, you will fail to commit God into working anything for you.


Sometimes when we pray, it seems the situation gets tougher, you must understand that it is a building process for you.
God wants to see if really you love Him or you’re only after His works and ability.
After Mary had cried out for an empty jar of wine, Jesus responded like it was not His business in verse 4.


But Mary knew whom she had prayed to and she forgot the issue, turned to the servants and told them, “whatsoever He says, do it”.

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Child of God, when you pray and still waiting for answers, will you still worship God faithfully?
Will you still be obedient to His words?
Irrespective of the situation, whatsoever He says, “Do it”


At this time, you are expected to double your spiritual commitment, your kingdom work, your duties and responsibilities. It is the time to work and not grumble.


And as we proceed in verse 7, Jesus commanded the disciples to fill the six (6) water pots and they obeyed.
We must understand that the ways of God are not the ways of men.


They needed wine and instead water was poured into the six(6) empty pot of wine.
For example, You might be looking for a miracle job and God says, visit the orphanage, or something that is far from your expectation.
The question is will you Obey?
When Naaman needed to be cleaned of his disease, the man of God Elisha never came out to see him, he only sent a word, “tell Naaman to go dip himself 7 times in the river Jordan”
And when He finally obeyed, He got his healing. (2 Kings 5).


After they had filled the pot, they were again instructed in John 2:8 to draw out and serve the governor of the feast.
We must understand that drawing out is a practical step that requires time, energy, and work.


To draw out the best in life, you must dip in, your time in work, God’s word, study or in whatever area you desire something productive.

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And when they had served the water that was now made wine,
The governor in amazement, exclaimed!
John 2: 10. And saith unto him, Every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine; and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse: but thou hast kept the good wine until now.


Again we must understand that God desires we prosper in all we do.
There are principles in every step of our walk with God in accessing the supernatural.


And my prayer for you today, is as you keep on walking with the Lord in obedience, I pray your expectations and heart desires be granted in Jesus name.

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