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Why Christianity is Hated and being Attacked: The New Age and Satanic Indoctrination (Part 6)

I hope my readers are following. The satanic Indoctrination of New Age Movement is affecting 21st Century Christianity. Let us continue:


Alice Bailey preached that sexual enjoyment is the highest pleasure in humanity, no one must be denied and no one must be restricted how to enjoy themselves. People should be allowed in whichever way they choose, whether it is homosexuality or incest or bestiality, as long as the two agree.

The present US government is trying to push every world leader to legalize homosexuality and bestiality. A law was passed in the US, and South Africa. Parliament passed it on 26th January 2000 and the President appended his signature on 4th February 2000 – giving so much freedom to gay rights. They even made it that any preacher who says homosexuality is an abomination before God or reads publicly any Scripture against homosexuality would be arrested.

But, we know that the Bible says homosexuality is an abomination (Leviticus 18:22; 20:13)

You can now see why Christianity and the God of Christianity are being attacked. The New Age Movement has take over the psyche of many in the world.

Watch out for strategy #7 in part 7 of this exposé. God bless you.

Rev. Daniel Sopuru PhD (Hillcross Ministry, Jos)

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