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Why Christianity is Hated and Being Attacked: The New Age and Satanic Indoctrination (part 2)

Hillcross MinistryWhy Christianity is Hated and Being Attacked: The New Age and Satanic Indoctrination (part 2)

No doubt Alice A. Bailey was the leader of the movement that is doing everything possible to indoctrinate people of the world, especially children. The New Age Movement has a clear mandate from Lucifer to wipe out Christianity from the surface of the earth.

Let us analyse how they want to do it.


There are four major pillars upon which the New Age Movement stands.

The writings of the Tibetan through Alice Bailey reinforce the four pillars. The pillars are:

Evolution Reincarnation Astrology and Meditation

Though the writings were made before 1949, the elements contained in them have permeated the culture of the Western world, and gradually infiltrating Asia and Africa.

The NEW AGE STRATEGY, according to Alice Bailey goes this way: when you are changing a nation, do not bother with the old people, they are too stuck in the old traditions, they will not change, but GO FOR THE CHILDREN. She did exactly that. She said ‘go for the children especially 10 years and below’.

Note: Since 1945, any person below 60 years can be a victim of the ideas and the deceptions of this prophetess of the New Age.

Alice Bailey then created this 10 POINT CHARTER that is placed in the House of Lords – House of Commons in the U.K.

Today, the US government and that of other countries of the West and many politicians mainly in the Radical Left but also in the Liberal Right are implementing the strategy.

THE STRATEGY:- THE 10 POINT CHARTER (as laid out by Alice Bailey destroy Christianity, God’s Laws).

See also  Looking unto Jesus (Hebrews 12:2)

We will start discussing the strategies from subsequent parts of this exposé. Please, watch out for part 3.

Maranatha! Jesus is coming soon! Be ready!

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