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Why Christianity is Hated and Being Attacked: The New Age and Satanic Indoctrination (part 1)

Hillcross MinistryWhy Christianity is Hated and Being Attacked: The New Age and Satanic Indoctrination (part 1)

The world, especially the Western world, has a great hatred for Christianity. In fact, many people in that part of the world say The bane of humanity is Christianity. They further say eliminate Christianity from the surface of the earth, then the world will be peaceful.

The NEW AGE MOVEMENT has gone as far as promulgating commandments against Christ, Christianity and Christians. They push these commandments to schools to indoctrinate the Children who would, at long run, abandon Christianity. The commandment is tagged: _The Ten Commandments of Rebellion. This is to prepare the world for the One World Religion predicted by the Scriptures – The Religion of the Antichrist”

Who is behind this move?

Reading Discipleship In The New Age, Vol 1, p 38, by Alice Bailey, shiws that The New Age Movement is reponsible for this.

What is the goal of this movement?

Its main goal is to destroy traditional Judeo Christianity and create a One world Religion based on a Luciferian system and doctrine.

Let us study the governing principles of the New Age which places itself as an enemy of Christianity and plans to indoctrinate the society into rebellion against God and His Laws.

Alice A Bailey claims that The leadership to further Lucifer’s plans (via Theosophy) was transferred to her by Lucifer himself. She became the president of the Theosophical Society. She is the most important figure in laying the foundation of the New Age Movement.

One day, she claims, she had a visitation of a spirit, that she thought was Christ at first but the spirit introduced himself as Djwal Khuhl – spirit from Tibetan. Master of Tibetan offered her great success if she could yield herself to be used in cheating the nations of the world and she made a deliberate decision to offer her life in service to Satan.

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Alice A Bailey has so many writings on every sector of life. By the time she had finished her work in 1949 she had written 24 books, a total of 10,469 pages, most of which were allegedly written through her spirit guide, The Tibetan.

She had also established Lucis Trust Goodwill (to which is linked the leadership of the World Constitution and Parliament Association) under the name Lucifer Publishing Company which today boasts of a membership of more than 6000 people – Some of the world’s most renowned financial and political leaders have belonged to this organization.

This is just an introduction. Watch out for part 2.

Please, make sure the Second Advent of Christ does not take you by surprise.


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