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Who do you follow?

Text: 1 Corinthians 11: 1. Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.

Beloved. Who we follow matters, it has a way of revealing what we are.
It is not bad to follow men whom we admire and love, in order to better our lives.
To follow is a way of learning, another way of boycotting life hurdles, as we closely learn from those we follow.
When I kept an association of worldly people some years back, in just a short time, I found myself doing, even more, worse than what I have watched them do.
But after meeting Christ, my circle changed, and everything about me changed also.

If you must follow men, if you must submit and learn from men, follow men that follow Christ.
Let Christ be the center point behind your followership.
What you follow, follows you.
When you follow a thief, someday you’ll become a thief.
As a married man, you follow womanizers, someday, you’ll start cheating on your wife.
Follow men of high integrity, men of great vision, people of like passion.
As you follow them, balance your followership with God’s word.

Many people have gone the wrong way by wrong association.
Many destinies have been aborted by wrong association.
Beloved, you don’t even need a large circle, prayerfully submit to one man of the same purpose, follow a genuine fellow who follows Christ.
After Jesus had departed, the life of all the Apostles reflected the personality of Christ.
Something great rubbed on their destiny.
Clarity came, their purpose became clearer, life became easy, gifts became visible because they followed the right person.
And today, I have good news for you, that same Christ is still alive.
And for this reason, if you must serve and submit under man, then you must follow a man that follows, not a man that once followed, but a man that follows (is following) Christ, and your life will be more meaningful.


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