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While it is day

DevotionsWhile it is day

Text: John 9: 4. I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work. 


The creative works and seasons of God are for a purpose.
When God created the day, it was for a purpose.
In the day, men work and at night, men rest.
What you do while it is day matters a lot.
While it is day tells us that we must make good use of time while we can.
Again it tells us to utilize every opportunity while we still have the strength to.
We must understand that a day cometh when the earthen vessel will return back to the earth and a failure to utilize the life God has given in accordance to His will, would be wasted years on earth.


Today, God wants us to be careful of what we do and how we live.
While it is day, you must live up to responsibility.
While it is day, you must do the works of God.
What we fail to do while it is day, we would spend the whole night in pain and regrets.
The day tells you to pursue purpose.
The day tells you to work in preparation for the night.
A lazy man that has refused to work, will suffer when the night would come.
For some, the night could be the end of their lives.
For another, the night could be a time of old age when the strength is no more.


God wants us to sow good seeds while it is day.
The seed you sow while it is day, will keep you all through the night.
The seed of the Gospel, service, giving, love, evangelism, kindness, and all sorts of good seeds will sustain you when the night would come.
Many young people are into drugs, theft and all sorts of crime in their day. A night cometh for them when their evil will come fighting them, lest they repent! “for what a man sows, that he shall reap”. Galatians 6:7.
Every day is a new opportunity to amend the mistakes of yesterday for a better tomorrow.



Take a self-examination on your life on how you spend your days.
Get rid of every ungodly activity on your daily schedule for the night cometh when all men would stand before God and give a full account of how they spent their lives on earth.


May God help you to do the right thing as you ought to, while it is day in Jesus’ name.



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