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When Jesus takes over the wheel

DevotionsWhen Jesus takes over the wheel

Text: Proverbs 16: 3. Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.


We cannot claim to have encountered the love of Christ and yet walk like fools do.
We cannot claim to have met with the Lord and walk on the same path with sinners.
We most times claim to have handed the wheel and everything to God but yet we worry when He drives us through the paths of difficulty and challenges.
We sit on the passengers seat and yet we struggle the wheel with the Lord.
That is why we end up either with little impact or with nothing.


Are you making plans already on how to live a better and more fulfilled year in 2019?
Are you making plans to correct mistakes and live perfectly with God?
Then you must let go of the wheel of your life today.
You must commit every bit of your totality, your activities to Jesus Christ and trust Him for a happy ending.
He knows the end even before the beginning.
He might decide to drive you through a narrow and difficult path to hide you away from evil, just be calm and enjoy every bit of His ride.
He drove Joseph through same path but the end was his exact destination.
You are not the first my dear.
You must let go of your desire, your will, your plans and trust God for His own plans and thoughts for your life. Jeremiah 29:11.


Jesus is gentle, I tell you the truth that He’ll never fight your decision but again isn’t better to commit your ways to the one who was, is and still yet to Come?
Isn’t better to commit your ways to the one who is the way, the truth and the life?  John 14:6
Isn’t better to commit your ways to the creator of the earth and everything in it? Psalm 24:1.
Don’t walk like fools do.
Don’t walk like sinners do.
Having Jesus in your life gives you an extra advantage to succeed and attain your desired position in life.

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Today God has revealed to us the key.
Let Jesus take over the wheel of your life and all your thoughts shall be established.
God bless you and have a happy New Year.



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