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Benefits of walking with God (5 amazing benefits)

Text: Revelation 3: 20. Behold, I stand...

God of ALL possibility

God of ALL possibility Text: Luke 1: 37....

The wonders of praise and thanksgiving

Text: Revelation 12: 11. And they overcame...

When God turns to you

DevotionsWhen God turns to you

Text: Esther 6: 1. On that night could not the king sleep, and he commanded to bring the book of records of the chronicles, and they were read before the king.


The face of God is a beginning to blessings and a good life.
The face of God ends shame and slavery.
A man whom the Lord has shown His face is a man helped by God.
The face of God is the end of devil’s activities on a man and the beginning of Heavenly and divine activities in the life of that man.
The face of God begins a new life in Christ Jesus.


After long years of slavery, the Israelites cried unto God, He looked down upon them remembered His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and with Jacob and Sent a deliverer to them. Exodus 2:23-24.
To the weary He said, I will give strength and the weak, He gives power. Isaiah 4o:29.
Why not seek God’s face than man’s face.
When we seek God’s face and gets His attention, life becomes meaningful.
Hannah was a barren woman who sought God’s face and God turned unto her and blessed her with a son that was worth much more than all the sons of her co-wife Peninnah put together. 1 Samuel 1,2.


I pray God shows you His face and turn things around for good for you and your family in Jesus’ name.
Whatever that has held your manifestation for these years, is losing her peace and sleep until what is yours enters your hand in Jesus Christ name.

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