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Vision: Reasons why every man needs vision

ArticlesVision: Reasons why every man needs vision


Vision can get more precise when you know and understand what you were born to accomplish here on earth. And this is what we ascribed as purpose.

A man with limited or no understanding of what they were born to accomplish here on earth may never see the importance of vision in their life. Vision comes into play when men can see the accomplishment of their God-given purpose, assignment, or the destination where they are meant to be in their minds and in their imagination.

But, how can you see the accomplishment of your God-given purpose in your mind and imagination when it is all corrupted and occupied with unnecessary details? How can your imagination be prudent and transparent when your heart and eyes are already filled with darkness?

It’s so funny that you will still have a vision, but you will have visions of what you fed your mind and eyes with. Meaning you will only prosper in darkness and bear unhealthy fruits that negatively influence your environment and generation.
For example; if you have been feeding your mind and eyes with pornography, masturbation, and engaging in illicit discussions with a company of friends that influences your life negatively and adhering to heresies from demonic pulpits, etc. your vision will come in that regard, as a result of what you have fed your mind, eyes and spirit with.

Your imaginative system will be despoiled.
Your thinking pattern/style will experience rapid pollution.
Your spirit man will be clouded with the things you fed your mind with.
Your vision and imagination will be constantly corrupted as long as you remain in this circle.

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Every man needs vision with a direction that will lead them to their respective and expected destination. Your destination is what you envisioned in your mind, guided by the word of God alone. This is vision, seeing where God wants you to be 10 years from now, in your mind and imagination, and following the instructions that come with it leads to accomplishing your God-given purpose here on earth.

You need to constantly feed your mind and eyes with whatsoever that represents righteousness, honesty, and purity. Things that signifies good report, virtue, and praiseworthy before you can envision, hear, and see God, and get the direction of the destination where He is taking you to. We all know Abraham; what motivated his relocation was his vision applicable to Moses, Joshua, David, and Nehemiah. These men had a vision with guided direction, and their vision inspired their actions.
Your vision needs to be specific and precise. God showed Abraham the promised land, which was his vision, and told him what would become of him once he got there.

Your vision should work and walk hand in hand with your purpose, and never neglect the giver of vision and purpose. Neglecting God’s direction and statues is very dangerous.
Ignoring His position in your life and family is stupidity and foolishness.
Be conscious of what you feed your mind and eyes with.
Be conscious of what you hear and listen to.
Be more conscious of what you say with your mouth.
Seek good counsel today
Seek to hear from God alone
Seek to envision where you will be from today, and trust me, if you hid to God’s instructions and direction, you would prosper.

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Written by;
Michael U. Nwogu

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