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Benefits of walking with God (5 amazing benefits)

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God of ALL possibility

God of ALL possibility Text: Luke 1: 37....

The wonders of praise and thanksgiving

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under surveillance

Devotionsunder surveillance

Psalms 5:8

Lead me, O Lord, in Thy righteousness because of mine enemies.


Very bitter is the enmity of the world against the people of Christ. Men will forgive a thousand faults in others, but they will magnify the most trivial offense in the followers of Jesus. Instead of vainly regretting this, let us turn it into account, and since so many are watching us, let this be a special motive for walking very carefully before God.


If we live carelessly, the lynx-eyed world will soon see it, and with its hundred tongues, it will spread the story, exaggerated and emblazoned by the zeal of slander. They will shout triumphantly. “Aha! So would we have it! See how these Christians act! They are hypocrites.” Thus will much damage be done to the cause of Christ, and many insults offered to His name. The cross of Christ is in itself an offense to the world; let us take heed that we add no offense of our own. It is “to the Jews a stumblingblock”: let us mind that we put no stumbling blocks where there are enough already. “To the Greeks it is foolishness”: let us not add our folly to give point to the scorn with which the worldly-wise deride the gospel.


How jealous should we be of ourselves! How rigid with our consciences! In the presence of adversaries who will misrepresent our best deeds, and impugn our motives where they cannot censure our actions, how circumspect should we be!


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We must always pray to God to lead us in His righteousness as we are under surveillance at all time.


Lead me, O Lord, in Thy righteousness because of mine enemies.




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