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The truth sets free

John 8:32. And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


Jesus is the truth and light of the World.
The Bible tells us that He is not only the truth, He’s also the Way and the Life. John 14:6.


Many are in darkness today because of the lies of the devil.
From our text, the Bible says “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free”.
In order words, when we encounter Jesus and follow Him daily, we enjoy freedom from lies and the devil.
Again the said scripture further explains that as many that are yet to know the truth are still in captivity.


Since we are told to receive freedom by knowing the truth, it means many are yoked and living in opposite of the truth which is “Lie”.
Where truth is not found, then lie rules there.
As we established earlier the Father of truth, “Jesus Christ the son of God”, it’s also of importance that we scripturally expose the Father of all “Lies”. The Bible tells us in John 8:44, that the devil is the Father of all Lies.
In order words, if we choose to live by the truth, we have full knowledge of the truth and His works and have nothing to do with the Liar and his works.


Are you yoked in sin?
Are there habits you wouldn’t let go?
The solution is in the truth.
For the truth sets us free.
You don’t just get freedom on one part, but you receive and enjoy wholeness of His freedom.


Take a decision of repentance today and make  a bold step in setting your priorities right.
Know the truth and enjoy what it means to be free.
When you apply the truth to every scar, pain or dirts you might have encountered in your life, you’ll be greatly amazed at the healing power that comes from the truth.


Knowing the truth, means accepting the life of Christ Jesus.
Say this prayers by faith to welcome Jesus in your life today.


Lord Jesus!
I acknowledge I am a sinner for my sins are not hidden before you.
I confess all of my sins to you this day.
I believe you died on the cross and rose again to set me free.
And I confess you this day as the Lord and personal savior of my life.
I denounce the devil every works of flesh.
Wash me with your blood Jesus.
And set me free from captivity for your word says we’re made as we encounter you.

Thank you Lord!
I believe I’m free and I receive your power and Grace to live above sin and all works of flesh.


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God bless.

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