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Text: John 9: 4. I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh when no man can work. 


Everything ever created by God was created for a reason.
A set time of manifestation is on every handiwork of God.
A failure to understand time will put us into doing things the wrong way.
There’s always a time of self-discovery and a time of building and a time of manifestation.
But when we don’t even know it’s our morning, we might skip the process and therefore think that God had levied tasks on us.


Doing the works of Him that have sent us while it is the day, is living a life of purpose, living in the current time zone of God’s watch.
Many whom the Lord has entrusted a lot, are busy wasting their time on ungodly activities.
You cannot eat the food for tomorrow today.
Much single youth are already living like married couples with their boyfriends and girlfriends, eating their tomorrow today.
Understanding time, means understanding God.
Because God works with time.
God took time and created all the beautiful things and animals we see today.
And after He had created them, He now made a man look after them.


Child of God, there’s time for everything.
Don’t try to fit in where you are yet to be registered.
A secret and bad life happens when we engage in the wrong things, using the time set for another purpose for the wrong activity.
Every man must encounter his night.
What you have failed to do while it was the day, will never be done when the night will come.
The projects, businesses, opportunities that you have procrastinated and wasted while it was day, Will live a mark of pain, grieve and regret on you when the night would come.
Many on their grave bed, wished they could give their life to Christ.
Many at their old age, wished if they had invested opportunities while they were much younger with strength.

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What you do with your time matters.
The time for work is not a time for fun.
The time to gather stones is not the time to cast stones away.
The time to get and keep is not a time to lose and throw away. See Ecclesiastes 3.


Remember that no man turns back the hands of time.
Remember that the tomorrow you talked about yesterday is now today.
Don’t waste your daytime.
Be productive, be diligent, fear God.


May God help you to live at the fullness of His purpose for your life in Jesus’ name.



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