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There is hope for all: Sunday Service with Pastor Jentezen Franklin

Great testimonies of God’s Mercy. Glory to God for His work in the lives of brothers and sisters. There is nothing God cannot do. The testimonies of these saved ones is transforming, regenerating and gives a reason for a clean start.
Have you been far from God? Do you think your sins are too great for God to wash? Have you been told a lie about who you are? God has an answer for you through these wonderful testimonies.  Thanks to all the testifiers and Pastor Jentezen for allowing God to use you in blessing us. What a great story you all have.
Glory to God.

Highlights in video

I felt God for the first time in a conference and decided to turn around from what i was doing

Jacob Chandler

I was playing church and being comfortable, my best friend brought me to church… Jesus brought me through depression and anxiety

Brittany Goswick

After Eight years of addiction, i lost everything but God is restoring that.

Megan Taylor
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