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The wonders of praise and thanksgiving

DevotionsThe wonders of praise and thanksgiving

Text: Revelation 12: 11. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. 


It might baffle you that as little as thanksgiving might sound, yet a great weapon for a victorious warfare.
Praise and Thanksgiving is a great key with an undiluted assurance of victory in every spiritual and physical battle of life.
It wrought wonders.
When we praise, we are raised above our challenges.
In some spiritual cases, your praises and thanksgiving to God would produce more results than your prayers.


When a situation defies prayer, switch to praise and thanksgiving, it’s unbeatable.
Some years back in a night vigil, I witnessed God changed the life of a young man, ended his battles through the mouth of His prophet as the young man praised and danced radically in that service.
Are there situations that have tarried for long in your life and family?
Set aside from today 7 days and give God a hot praise of thanksgiving and dance offering, I bet that situation will not stand a chance and your testimony is undeniable in Jesus’ name.


When we praise and thank God over a situation, He makes us whole.
A good biblical example is seen in Luke 17:11-19. 
After Jesus had healed ten lepers, one came back in worship and thanksgiving and the Lord declared him whole. Luke 17:15-19.
Notable facts are these;
These men were healed at first, but one was made whole as he displayed an attitude of praise and thanksgiving.
Only a grateful heart receives the complete and perfect victory.
Wholeness means perfection on everything that concerns you.

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When we praise God, we put the devil in confusion and shame.
Another story in the Bible reveals to us the potent power of praise in a battle.
In 2 Chronicle 20, King Jehoshaphat got a threat from 3 nations that had teamed up to destroy Judah.
In their worries, God spoke through Jahaziel that the key to obtaining victory was praise. 2 Chronicles 20:14-24.
As a high praise was rendered to God Almighty, the Lord set up an ambush for them and the entire 3 nations slew themselves without a single survivor. See 2 Chronicle 20:22-24.
Praise wrought wonders, it does the impossible.
By the reason of your praise, may God wipe away every enemy of your life and family in Jesus Christ name.


A notable servant of God, Pastor Paul Enenche explained praises well. In his teaching he said, When our praises go up, God steps down.
And when God steps down, the devil steps out.
Also, when our praises go up, God takes over.
And when God takes over that situation, it is over.
It is the wonders of praise and thanksgiving.
Tune to praise and enjoy the benefits in Jesus’ name.



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