Sun. Sep 20th, 2020
The watchtower

The watchtower

Text: 1 Peter 5: 8. Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.


As a believer, you must build a watchtower.
A watchtower is a place of prayer, intercession and spiritual warfare.
Reasons why we suffer sudden attacks from the devil our enemy is because we have failed to watch and pray.
No watchman entangles himself in a civilian affair. 2 Timothy 2:4.
A believer that fails to watch, will be ridiculed by the devil.
In an Airport, there is an office called the control room or the control tower, that monitors and control all flight activities.
The pilot of every aircraft remains in constant communication with the control room, they share their current location, receive instructions, directions and without the control room, the plane will crash.


A believer that leaves the place of his watch, is headed to a crash.
The place of our watch gives us direction, we are told of incoming dangers, we receive instructions, we are not taken unaware.


Why do we need a watch?
We have to understand that we are at war with the devil and a failure to stay ALERT will make us a victim just as our Bible text tells us. 1 Peter 5:8.
The word alert means to be vigilantly attentive, mentally responsive and perceptive.
It also means to be fully aware and attentive, quick to see, understand and respond accordingly.


Every watchman must do away with detestable things and sin.
If we continue in sin, our watchtower will be cold and would open the door to the enemy.
God is calling us back to the place of our watch as believers.
As I read through an article a woman of God shared with me on the importance of midnight prayers, I realized that as believers and spiritual watchmen, our watchtower needs to be on a constant fire, morning, afternoon and midnight.


I pray for you today, as you seek God fervently in your watch with all sincerity of heart, may the Lord visit you in a great way and cause about a great revival in your spiritual life in Jesus’ name.





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