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The Vision of The Glorified Jesus Shapes Our Worship and Focus

DevotionsThe Vision of The Glorified Jesus Shapes Our Worship and Focus

The Vision of The Glorified Jesus Shapes Our Worship and Focus (Revelation 1:9-20)

📔 The book of Revelation is the least-read book of the New Testament. This is probably because Roman Catholicism made it a taboo for members of the Church to read during the Dark Ages (from the 6th to 16th Centuries AD). According to them, anyone who read it would run mad. Secondly, it was difficult to understand. So, Christians in that period avoided it the way the Jews avoid lepers. In those days, the Bible was in a few hands (in hands of the priests only). The Bible was restricted by the same movement, Roman Catholicism. Note that this is not criticism but a historical fact.

📕 In this age, how many Christians sit down deliberately to study the book of Revelation? Come to think about it, this book contains great treasures, and it gives us some of the richest descriptions of our glorified Saviour in the Bible. When you have a glimpse of the glorified Jesus, it enhances your worship. Therefore, ask God to open your inner eyes to see the glorified Jesus. He can do so by your diligence in the study of the book of Revelation.

📕We like talking about Jesus as the baby in the manger, and the importance of His death and resurrection, but John was given a dramatic vision of the exalted Lord as He is now in heaven. Even though the apostle had shared an intimate relationship with Christ on earth, the sight of our Lord in His glorified state caused him to pass out in fear (Revelation 1:17). This tells you how awesome the glorified Christ is.

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📕Hear some of the descriptions: in the heavenly scene, Jesus is portrayed as the Lord of His Church, which is represented by the seven lampstands surrounding Him. He watches over them, preserving, protecting, and admonishing when necessary. No founder of religion can be so glorified. In fact, they are all rotten in their various graves, and languishing where the dead outside Christ are.

📕Christians should rejoice because, in this same book, Jesus is shown to be the Lamb of God, who, as our High Priest, sacrificed Himself on our behalf (Revelation 5:1-14). His blood purchased redemption for people from every place and time so that they could become citizens of His kingdom.

📕 This is one of the reasons the world hates us, and the Western World, through Human Rights Movements, wants to abrogate the Bible and eliminate Christianity from the face of the earth. They say we arrogate these things to ourselves. They say we segregate.No doubt, anyone who does not know our Lord, Jesus Christ, loses out, he is spiritually blind to these things and acknowledges the truth in this.

📕The world does not understand that all of heaven erupts into praise and worship when Christ is found to be the only one worthy to end this age and set up His righteous kingdom (v. 13). Every other kingdom is satanic and demonic.

📕If you are a Christian, the book of Revelation is about your future. Read it, study it and picture yourself in both scenes, seeing Jesus as the exalted Lord and Lamb of God, the praises described in Revelation 5:9-14 will be from you!

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📔Because you have been redeemed, let this glimpse of the future shape your worship and focus in your life. We thank God that, no matter what the world does or says, God has a tremendous glorified future for us, His children. Hallelujah!

Shalom and Maranatha!

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