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The true family of Jesus

DevotionsThe true family of Jesus

Text: Matthew 12: 50. For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother. 


As Jesus taught in the temple amidst a great crowd, it was brought to His attention that His mother and brothers wanted to speak to Him, but Jesus made a clear statement that ‘anyone who does the will of His Father in Heaven is my brother and sister and mother’.
The words of Jesus might sound hard to many but the truth is That our Lord has no favorites. God only have intimates.
If it was a man conducting the ministration, his mother, brother and sister would occupy the important position but we never saw this action from Christ.


Christ never condemned His family rather, He passed a message to all believers that the only way to be identified as a part of His family, is by doing the will of His Father in Heaven.
In Acts 4:13, as the council saw the boldness of Peter and John, they knew they had been with Jesus Christ the Bible says.
Again in Antioch, the disciples were first called Christians as the similitude of Christ was seen in them. (Acts 21:26).
The true family of Christ, exhibit the lifestyle of Christ.
Many Christians today, are just Christians by word of mouth but their heart is far away from the Lord.
It bleeds my heart when I see people who are far from the fathers will call themselves Christians.
You cannot serve 2 masters at the same time, you’re either hot or cold.
You’re either a family of Christ Jesus or a family of the devil.
There’s a major difference between a born-again Christian and an ordinary Christian.

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Today God wants to graft us into His family.
Do not harden your heart to the words of the Lord.
Jesus’ family members are those that do the will of His Father in Heaven.
And what is the will of His Father in Heaven?
The will of God in Heaven is the message of Christ and the same message of salvation we preach today until the second coming of Christ.
God wants us to live according to the standards of His word.
It is God’s will that we have eternal life. John 6:40.
It is God’s will to live by the Spirit and not the flesh.
It is God’s will that we witness His only son Jesus Christ.
A Life Of fornication, adultery, hypocrisy, pride, sorcery, lies, anger, unforgiveness, jealousy, impurity, lustful pleasures, idolatry, drunkenness, wild party and other sins like these are far from the will God and those who practice such are in danger of hell. (Galatians 5:19-20)
Now take a self-examination on yourself,
Are you truly a born-again Christian?
Are you in the family lineage of Jesus Christ?
God is merciful and He will by no means cast you out if you decide to be part of this great family.


You can say these prayers by faith to be joint heirs with the son of God.
Lord I am sorry for all my mistakes and sinful lifestyle, help me to do your will from today in Jesus’ name.
I welcome you into the family of Christ Jesus.


We would like to pray for you,
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