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Benefits of walking with God (5 amazing benefits)

Text: Revelation 3: 20. Behold, I stand...

God of ALL possibility

God of ALL possibility Text: Luke 1: 37....

The wonders of praise and thanksgiving

Text: Revelation 12: 11. And they overcame...


  1. Your faith can bend the will of God

This theology indicates that our faith is greater than God’s will.  This simply means that God has become a puppet in accordance to our faith.  This lays credence to what one of the contemporary preachers said in one of his televised programs. He said:  “Man is an institution of himself; whatever you want to do you do; whatever you call sin becomes sin; God does not have a say per se in man’s spirituality; one can bend the will of God through faith.” 

Tell me the difference between this teaching and what the Old Serpent told Eve in the Garden of Eden. He told Eve “… when you eat of this tree, you will be like God knowing good and evil…” (Gen. 3).

Today, man has become his own god knowing good and evil.  This also means that if the will of Yahweh is not good for you, you can change it. In fact, God does not have a will because your own will overrides His. This is Newer Testamentalism.

Let us think about it. Who is God in this theology? Is it Yahweh, or the man of faith? Going by this teaching, it is crystal clear that man of faith is now god, while Yahweh acts at his command. The wish of the man of faith becomes the command of God. To say the least, this theology emanated from Antichrist – Satan himself.

Please note that when we pray “in Jesus’ name”, it means according to the will of God. It also means asking God through Jesus Christ to do it according to His will. Therefore, it is daydreaming to think that God will abdicate His will for yours because of the exhibition of what you call faith. This is one of the heresies that make up the Newer Testament.

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  1. A Christian cannot be sick

This is another devastating and spiritual lapidating theology.  This means that once you are sick, you are not a Christian; or maybe, once you are sick you are no longer a Christian because “… by His stripes, we are healed,” (Isa. 53:5). Again, this is a terrible misuse of a biblical verse to support inexistent teaching. The healing mentioned here is spiritual – healing from sin and healing from separation from God, (we might make an exegesis of the passage in these write-ups).


I know, at least, two modern pastors who propagate such teaching and they became sick and died.  Well, I do not know whether their followers learned any lesson from their death.  They unwittingly kept the bodies of these heretic preachers in their bedrooms praying and hoping that they would come back to living healthy. But the more they kept prayed the more their bodies decayed.


You know, the Jews used to think that anyone that had certain illnesses must have sinned, but Jesus debunked that concept in John 9:1-3.


The idea that a Christian does not fall sick is a crazy one that has no scriptural backing. It is one of the heresies of the 21st Century self-called pastors.


I want to remind my readers of the fact that we are still in the world susceptible to weaknesses of the body because the frailty that the Fall of man brought to humanity and the whole creation is still with us. We should know that we lost Paradise from 6000 years ago. Paradise cannot be regained until we go to be with the Lord. The book of Revelations 20 – 22 says that it is during the New Heaven and the New Earth that we would wear perfect and incorruptible bodies when our tears would be wiped away. It is unambiguous that the theology of “a Christian does not fall sick” is not from the Lord; it was coined into Christianity by the Newer Testament advocators. Therefore, anyone who preaches it is not only heretic but a great contributor to the Newer Testament.

  1. If you have an accident, you are not a Christian
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A new generation preacher in Port-Harcourt coined in another element of extra-scriptural teaching. He emphasizes that anyone who is involved in an accident of any kind is not a Christian; he believes that God is not with that person at that time. Unfortunately, this is being echoed by many contemporary preachers, and their followers always say Amen to such man-made doctrines.

Well, this is simply not true; it is rather one of those teachings that make up the Newer Testament.


  1. Holy Communion is meant for both believers and unbelievers, Holy Communion washes away sins, and Holy Communion heals diseases.

The Lord Jesus Christ who instituted the Holy Communion gave us reasons for it. He says it is for the Remembrance of Him – His death, His shed of Blood and His resurrection.  The Holy Communion is for Remembrance and it is meant for ONLY BELIEVERS IN CHRIST.  It is not meant for unbelievers, just like Spiritual gifts are not for them.  The Newer Testament proponents do administer it to unbelievers.

I went to Jos main post office to buy stamps and I saw piles of flyers at strategic points there. I was curious, I picked up one. I was dumbfounded at what I saw: “You are all invited to our Holy Communion Service; bring the sick, the Holy Communion will heal them; come, no matter how huge your sin is, once you take the Holy Communion, your sins will be washed away; you will be born again when you partake…” I shouted and asked myself “what is the Church becoming in this Century?” Hirelings have high jacked the Church and are leading millions, if not billions to hell.

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I Corinthians chapter 11 makes it clear that even believers who are not well prepared should not partake of the Holy Communion. Many who took it carelessly fell sick and some even died. Where did the modern Church leaders get the idea that unbelievers can partake of the Holy Communion?  Where did they get the idea that Holy Communion can heal the sick and wash away sins? Do such heretic pastors think of God’s oncoming judgment at all?

For emphasis sake, the Newer Testament proponents believe that no matter what sin one commits, once one takes the Holy Communion, those sins are washed away. This theology is not only man-made, it is also demonic; it is a subtle way of projecting Satanism. Holy Communion cannot and will not wash away sins; it is only the Blood of Jesus that washes away sins when one confesses them and commits oneself to the Lord.

For further emphasis, it is a heartbreaking heresy that Holy Communion heals diseases.  Many Church-goers rush to partake of Holy Communion for healing.

Oh, who has bewitched our modern preachers?

May I advise Christians to read and study the Word of God by themselves to know what the Bible says about certain issues, instead of depending 100% on their pastors. Some pastors are ordained by Satan to lead millions to hell. Remember, Jesus says “These false prophets and teachers will come in My name…” They mystify the Bible to deceive their followers.  They are agents of the Newer Testament that runs contrary to God’s program. Flee from them.

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