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The seeming metamorphosis of Christianity in the 21st century (part 1)

DevotionsThe seeming metamorphosis of Christianity in the 21st century (part 1)

The Scripture is God-breathed.  This means that the Bible is the unequivocal word of God.

I believe it might sound elementary to say that the Bible has sixty-six books, divided into the Old and New Testaments.  The Old Testament contains thirty-nine books, while the New Testament contains twenty-seven. This is the Bible we know as the Word of God, even though Catholicism has additional books (in her Bible) known as Apocryphal books. These additional books are neither inspired nor canonized.  They were adopted by Catholicism to differentiate it from Protestantism.  Up to 1517 the Roman Catholic Bible contained the 66 books of our Bible.  They added the non-canonized and non-inspired books after the Reformation led by Martin Luther. So, the Bible containing the 66 books remains the unadulterated and unequivocal Word of God.

However, it seems a Newer Testament is brewing in the 21st Century Christianity.

What! A Newer Testament coming into existence?  What does this mean? This must be a joke.

Yes, I do not mince words saying it.  A Newer Testament is already in existence in modern Christianity. Is this Newer Testament inspired by God? Is it God-Breathed?  Is this Newer Testament a part of the Bible?  The answer to these questions is, of course, a capital “NO”.

The present New Testament of the Bible is not sufficient for those operating on the Newer Testament.

Modernism which came into existence in about 1850 became well known from 1900 when it applies itself to religious movements. It existed as Rationalism and was applied to the interpretation of the Bible.  It is not only that the Bible must be interpreted with human reasoning, it must also be interpreted based on human enlightenment. This position has been adopted by many pastors and preachers today.

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But let us not be oblivious of the fact that Satan always has a trap placed on human reasoning and what humanity calls enlightenment since the Fall of man in Genesis 3.

Human reasoning and enlightenment will always be misleading if not guided by the Spirit of God.

Human reasoning and enlightenment and indeed modernism as a movement nullify the Bible and its authenticity.

The New Testament is the Testament bequeathed to us (believers in Christ) by Jesus Christ Himself, the Founder of Christianity; while the Newer Testament is for those who subscribe to modernism, those who employ human reasoning and enlightenment to interpret the Bible. They think that Jesus Christ did not complete what the Church and her dictions should be. They have behind their minds the intention to help Jesus and Christians make Christianity work better in the Church and the modern society.

According to them, the New Testament is not complete, while the Newer Testament is the completion of it.  The Newer Testament is more Christian than the New.  Anyone who does not use the language of the Newer Testament is not regarded as a fire-brand, born-again Christian by the proponents and propagandists of the Testament.

The Newer Testament has introduced words and expressions that are alien to both the Old and New Testaments. The words and expressions are not found in the sixty-six books of the Bible, and by implication have no theological meanings.

The major problems with biblical interpretation by contemporary Christians are preconception and “once it is popular, or once it is professed by the majority, then it is biblical.”  “The voice of the majority is the voice of God”, that is what they say.  This is totally false because we are encouraged as Christians to go against the flow. In other words, if you are with God on an issue and the whole world is on the opposite side, continue, God is with you.  Another expression that goes completely against Christian principles is: “If you cannot beat them, join them.” You cannot join evil groups. You join only the groups that give honour and glory to God, the groups that will help boost your relationship with God.

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Another problem in biblical interpretation in this age is accepting wholesale whatever the Presidents and Founders of modern Churches say. Followers of such leaders do not read and study the Bible by themselves to know what God says. This is the bane of the spiritual life of modern Christians.

By Rev. Daniel Sopuru

Curled from his book


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