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The saliva of the holy ghost! (What has Christianity Become in the 21st Century AD?)

ArticlesThe saliva of the holy ghost! (What has Christianity Become in the 21st Century AD?)

It is no longer funny, the happenings in Christianity today are not only fearful, but they are also destructive and deceiving. Listen to this:

  1. I traveled to Owerri and a friend introduced a Bishop to me. As we were discussing in his sitting-room, he got up, entered a room and came out with some plastic bottles contain some red substance in liquide form. He did not mince words when he lifted one of the bottles and said: “This is the Blood of Jesus. I got it from Jerusalem. I was shocked to my marrow. What does it do? I asked. His answer was equally shocking: It is for healing, protection, and wealth. It also prepares people for heaven. The blood you see here has wonderful powers, he concluded. After recovering from my shock, i asked him: “Bishop, do you really know what the Blood of Jesus means in God’s plan for man’s salvation? That question made him very uncomfortable. We left, but not without warning him that he should be careful because he is being used by a force other than God. Note: he does not give out the “blood of Jesus” for free. A bottle costs N50,000.
  2. The same friend took me to the house of another pastor. There we saw packaged bottles with white liquide substance labeled The saliva of the Holy Ghost. Pointing at it, I asked, pastor, what does The saliva of the Holy Ghost mean? His answer was equally shocking. He said while in Israel on pilgrimage, the Holy Ghost directed him to the Upper Room site where He told him to fetch His saliva from a container he alone saw at that site, and that since he came back the container he fetched the saliva with has never run dry. And I said Oh, this is Exciting. What does the saliva of the Holy Ghost do? He enthusiastically said: “it creates instant wealth, cures all diseases and wards off all evil spells from one’s enemies. This substance, he said, is drinkable and can be rubbed on the body.
    A bottle goes for N55,000. In my usual way, I postulated some questions: “Do spirits have or produce saliva?” “Does saliva have anything to do with man’s salvation?” He retorted yes, Jesus healed a blind man with His saliva. After this, he became irritated, and we left. The Saliva of the Holy Ghost reminded me of T.B. Joshua’s Anointing Water. Obviously, 21st century Christian has drifted miles away from the Gospel bequeathed to us by the real owner of the Church (Jesus Christ).
  3. In the same town I was listen to a preacher on a radio in the afternoon of 31st December 2021 and I heard some shocking and unbelievable statements. After instilling fears in the minds of his gullible listeners, he gave his bank account number and asked people to pay in N3,200 and come to his church with a bottle of olive oil. He explained that number 3, that is the N3000 he asked for stands for Trinity, while number 2, that is the N200 stands for death and resurrection. He mentioned over and over again that the present bad situations of his listeners are caused by people, and once anyone pays that amount in to his account, the Trinity will resurrect his dead situation and he will now flourish.
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Fellow Christians, be careful with the trend of things in Christianity today, otherwise, these agents of Satan will lure you into sorcery. The three cases cited are nothing but sorcery from Lucifer and the New Age Movement. The devil has seriously mandated his human agents to saturate the Church and use the hard times in our society to deceive people. The Church is a fertile ground for such manipulations because prosperity and health and wealth messages have taken over and overshadowed the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

One thing I do not understand is the silence of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN). Their silence is deafening. PFN mainly should break its silence on this because most of these aberrations emanate from Neo-Pentecostalism. Such “pastors” selling the blood of Jesus and the Saliva of the Holy Ghost should be cautioned.

Fellow Christians, be ready! Christ’s return is imminent. Maranatha!

From Hillcross Ministry, Jos.

Our review on this

Dearly redeemed of Christ, be careful of these days, prayerfully seek a Godfearing church to be a part of. Wealth, prosperity, fame, eloquence are not signs of the presence of God. Jesus and the salvation He gives must be the center of our messages. The devil will keep luring many into destruction with these material things.

The church of God has become an avenue to advertise a pastor. Avoid gatherings where the focus is placed on the good pictures of the pastor on an advertisement photo/banner or the pastor’s eloquence and screams on the alter (The church is not a business venture), It is the house of God. The pastor’s photo on that banner shows a complete focus on self, HAVE WE COME TO SEE A MAN OR GOD? if we have come to see God, let God be glorified and not a man’s image!

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Dearly redeemed walk wisely for the days are evil! Jesus paid the price for your salvation as it is the most important matter in heaven and not your earthly prosperity. Avoid places where the focus is given on earthly achievements and not on your spiritual health.

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