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The Preponderance of Wisdom (Part 2 and conclusion)

ArticlesThe Preponderance of Wisdom (Part 2 and conclusion)

A few days ago we tried to narrate the importance of wisdom in our existence as human beings.

Wisdom from God is different from what man calls wisdom. The wisdom of man produces idiocy and can be manipulated by the devil to bring in disaster. Think about the spate of killings in Nigeria today, it is the wisdom of man that generates the carnage. If the wisdom of man produces anything good, those masterminding these killings would have had a rethink. They would know that the world and all in it are ephemeral. They are not worth dying for.

For instance, most of what human beings call philosophy (emanating from Wisdom) discredits the existence of God.

For example, one of the well sung French philosophers of the 20th Century, Jean-Paul Sartre, said: L’homme précède l’Essence. C’est l’homme qui a créé l’Essence dans son cœur. C’est-à-dire, l’Essence n’existe pas en réalité.

This means Man existed before God. It was man who created God in his mind. In reality, God does not exist.

This wisdom or philosophy was highly regarded in the 20th Century, and it produces many atheists.

Humanly speaking, it is a high level of wisdom. But, do not forget that any wisdom that does not lead to knowing God is a bunch of rubbish.

Many people have been led astray by human wisdom. But, the wisdom that God gives is a lamp unto our feet in this dark world of sin. That wisdom gives life and direction.

Jesus is wisdom personified, without whom no one can be saved (Matt.27:42). Accepting Him, therefore, is an embodiment of wisdom (Col. 2:3; Prov.3:13).

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Human wisdom does not build a lasting house, but wisdom from God does. Wisdom from God makes a pupil wiser than his teacher, and a servant wiser than his master.

Here are Some benefits of the wisdom from God:

💡It makes you wise (Prov.9:10). This also means that you will not be described as the one God says is a fool because he has concluded in his heart that God does not exist (Psalm 14: 1).

💡It makes you be contented. This means having peace of mind in all circumstances (Prob.15:16). The joy of the Lord becomes your strength.

💡It gives you victory over sin (Prob. 16:6). Wisdom from God, as a lamp onto your feet, makes you know when you are straying.

💡It makes you enjoy God and life. Your life is illuminated by the Holy Spirit who gives you the power to do His will, and enables you to enjoy life as God directs (Prov. 19:23).

💡Abundant divine blessings follow God-given wisdom (Prov.22:4). When blessings are mentioned, many people think about material acquisitions. No, the blessing God is interested in is to know Him better and have rest of mind in this tumultuous world.

💡Having God-given wisdom might make you live longer here on earth (Prov. 10:27). Remember that living long on earth for those who have God-given wisdom is God’s discretion.

💡 God-given wisdom teaches us how to obey God in a world being governed by the devil and his agents. It teaches us to know that we are aliens in this world and we must live as such. It teaches to refuse all enticements from Lucifer and his agents. It makes us understand our spiritual progression.

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Today, the coming of the Lord is sooner than it used to be; let us therefore ask of wisdom from above to live circumspectly in this world full of sin and evil forces.

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