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The Good News

Text: John 1: 41. He first findeth his own brother Simon, and saith unto him, We have found the Messias, which is, being interpreted, the Christ.

The testimony of Jesus Christ is good news.
The joy and peace of salvation is uncontrollable.
When a man is genuinely saved, the joy of his encounter cannot be contained.
No man encounters Christ and remains the same.
First, He turns your life around, and give you a new life of hope.
Our anchor text reveals to us our duty as the saved of Christ.
After Andrew had met with the Messiah, the first thing he did was to take the good news to the men of his household.
We don’t receive Christ to be thankful, just as we have received through the testimony and good news of another, God expects us to carry the same testimony around, beginning from the men of our household.

Jesus will transform you, a thief can become a saint after encountering Christ.
But how would he get the transformation when we don’t share the good news.
It is our responsibility to make people know how life became better after we had encountered Christ.
I was blind, living in sin with no knowledge of my lifestyle, but when I met Christ my eyes opened, now I can see.
Beloved, it is not a good report that in your household, you’re the only born again, while others are still in sin.

Let’s act even more like Andrew acted, let’s go into the streets, the villages, the highways, and share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The woman at the well in John 4, went into the entire neighborhood, sharing her encounter with Jesus Christ, the Bible says many believed, not from her words alone but because they came by themselves and heard Jesus teach.
Now you see how the testimony of the woman populated the kingdom of Heaven.

The good news works better when we share it.
Go out and share the good news.


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