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The Genealogy of Jesus

DevotionsThe Genealogy of Jesus

Text: Matthew 1:1-16

There is no figure one will mention in the genealogy of Jesus that was without some faults.


1. Tamar – the unfortunate wife.
The story of Tamar is contained in Gen. 28. She was the daughter of a Canaanite man, named Shua. The story underlines the truth that when people are unfortunate in life, they tend to misbehave out of desperation. This was exactly what Tamar did. Judah showed some unfaithfulness by not upholding to the letter the ‘Levirate Law’, for he denied Tamar his third son, Shelah. But, even at that, Tamar’s misdemeanor is by no means justified. Yet, it was through Tamar that Perez came.


2. Rahab – the whore.
She was known as the Jericho-canaanitish harlot. She was a notorious harlot (Josh. 2,4). To show us how God hates harlotry, the practice was punishable by fire (Lv. 21:9). In many other cases, by stoning (Dt. 22:21; Jn. 8:5). But Rahab was included in the genealogy of Christ.


3. Ruth – The abhorred
A Moabite who lived in the time of the Judges. The people of Moab and Ammon were looked down upon and loathed by other nations because of their origin (Gen. 19:30-38). The were humiliated by all.


4. Uriah’s wife (Bathsheba) – A victim of life’s peril.
The story is found in 2 Samuel 11. She was in claustrophobia, that is, at a fixed position. For saying ‘No’ to the king might mean her death, and saying ‘Yes’ would never justify her action. Her condition was so claustrophobic.

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5. Mary – The disgraced and conventionally unfit woman
Mary was happily engaged to Joseph. Suddenly, she was found with pregnancy which disgraced her, and made conventionally unfit in her environment that Joseph wanted to back out.


1. Jesus was not surrounded with perfection. Many of us would have loved to see perfect people in the lineage of Jesus. But what do we see? “imperfect men and women”. This teaches us a lesson about Jesus – he is not after perfect individuals and he is not for perfect people (read matt. 9:13).

2. Never you count anybody out or consider anybody unfit for Jesus – because everybody, irrespective of who the person is or what he/she has ever done is fit for the salvation of Christ. This was demonstrated in the life of Matthew the Tax-collecter, also Zacchaeus.

3. As a christian, never you allow your past or your background retard you and affect your present or future life. Jesus never allowed his to affect him.


By Pastor Udogu Chukwuebuka

(BA Theology, MA New Testament Studies)

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