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The demand for a sign

DevotionsThe demand for a sign

Matthew 16:1-4

Because of our human nature, many of us like the pharisees seek for signs in other to believe in the salvation God promised us through his son Jesus. Some people go to the extent of disbelieving the existence of God because they can never believe in what their eyes have not seen. The pharisees expected a better reply from Jesus when they asked him to give them a sign. This sign they believed would clear all their doubts about Jesus and help them believe in him. They probably might have preferred he moved a mountain in front of them, or make a star fall from heaven. However, to their disappointments, Jesus told them (and this generation) no sign except the sign of Jonah would be given unto them. What then is the sign of Jonah? and how does it apply to us in this dispensation?


In Matthew 12:40, Jesus spoke about Jonah in the belly of the fish for three days and three nights saying so also the son of man shall be three days in the belly of the earth and rise again. This tells us that Jesus was telling the Pharisees and this generation, that the only sign required for us to believe is the sign of his death and resurrection.

To be happy in Jesus, we must trust and obey him. His death and resurrection, is the only sign we need to rest in him.
Are you seeking for an answer to a prayer before you trust God again? Understand that God’s sovereign decision to respond in the affirmative or otherwise to your request is for your own good. Never hinge your faith and worship on miracles you see happen today. The only miracle you need to believe in Jesus is the miracle of his death and resurrection.

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Lord Jesus, thank you for your death and resurrection, thank you for revealing to me the greatest miracle ever in the history of the world. Help me to trust in your finished work, let my faith not be dependent on things i see around me. May i find rest as i trust in your finished work on the cross. Amen.


To be matured in Christ, you must look beyond his miracles

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