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The Beginning of wisdom

DevotionsThe Beginning of wisdom

Proverbs 9: 10

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.


Many times we go a long way in search of something that is not far from us. Many people desire wisdom but do not know how or where wisdom can be found. Today’s bible passage brings to our notice how close wisdom is to us. The bible says, “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”.  This means that there is no wisdom without the fear of the lord. It also means, if you desire wisdom, fear the Lord!


What is the fear of the Lord?

The bible tells us in Psalms 14:14 how the fool says in his heart there is no God (remember the antonym of wisdom is foolishness). So, recognizing the existence of the one true God is a step to the fear of the Lord. You do not only recognize his existence alone but you also submit to his Lordship over your life.


How do you submit to his Lordship since you do not know him?

A man born blind will never know the beauty of the moon light as long as he remains blind. This blind man will only hear about the existence of the moon but might never see it. His inability to see it does not mean the moon is a ferry tale. If the scales on his eyes are taken away, then he will see the moon and realize all he had heard about the existence of the moon is true.

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God proving his existence to humanity became flesh in the person of Jesus and dwelt with us (John 1:14).  And Jesus when he was to leave the earth gave us his spirit (the Holy Spirit) (John 14:16) in other for us who are alive at this time to have uninterrupted fellowship with him. So, if we claim we fear the Lord, we must submit to the Holy Spirit.


If you believe in Jesus and submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit in you, you have the foundation of wisdom. If you do not believe in Jesus, you do not have the foundation of wisdom in you and thus do not have wisdom. It does not matter how successful you are. Wisdom is not defined on temporal things. The bible says, a wise man builds his house upon a rock (Matthew 7:24-27). A house here refers to his totality, his eternity not temporal things. So wisdom is securing a life with Jesus after death. If you have all the pleasures of the earth (Which is temporal) but have not secured a life after death, you are not wise. It is better to have a secured life after death than to have riches on earth. This is because, life after death is eternal while life here on earth is for a short while.


Prayer (to secure a life after death with Jesus)

Lord Jesus, I believe in your death and resurrection. I believe you died to give me eternal life with you, please forgive all my short comings and accept me as one of yours. Be my Lord and Savior from today and forevermore. Amen

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if you prayed this prayer, please fill free to send us an email on info@personaloutreachministry.com. We will like to talk and pray with you.


Prayer (For believers)

Father thank you for making me your child, thank you for the Spirit of Wisdom that lives in me, help me to walk daily in wisdom by always listening and submitting to the will of the Father. Amen



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