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The Allurement of Temptation

DevotionsThe Allurement of Temptation

Matthew 26:41

 “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

🪄Everybody experiences temptation. No matter how spiritual you are or how long you have followed Christ, you face temptations.

🪄Sometimes this experience seems like a faint whisper, and other times it has an unbearable shout in your mind. Regardless of how it sounds, you know just what temptation feels like.

🪄But if someone asks you to define temptation, what will say?

🪄 Temptation is simply an enticement to take a God-given desire beyond God-given boundaries. Many people reject this idea, refusing to believe that guilt-instilling allurements could be even remotely related to the desires God placed in man with a limit. The desires are not evil, but He made them for our own good.

But think about it:

In what ways are you most often tempted?
👉In the area of material 👉possessions?

🪄These are all things that God not only created but also uses to bless His people. The problem comes when we—who still carry around the old programming of our flesh nature—take those drives beyond the healthy limits that God has set for our lives.

🪄For example, He created sex for enjoyment within a marriage relationship. But, when this divinely approved desire is corrupted by physical intimacy outside of marriage, then what the Creator designed for His purposes becomes a source of guilt and shame.

🪄That is not what God intended. One of the enemy’s top strategies is to distort a God-given drive for his own vile purposes.

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🪄 You can short-circuit such an attack: Remind yourself where this urge is coming from in the first place, and then ask God for the strength to use such drives for His glory, as He intended.

🪄Temptations come from the devil. His work is to throw out a bait and whisper to you to go for it. Your desire for it, if not controlled increases, and you fall to it. The devil never forces anyone to fall into temptation; it is one’s own choice. The devil entices people but never forces them to do it. It is purely the people’s choice.

🪄Be sensitive enough, as God’s child, to know when temptation comes and flee. Remember, sin is going contrary to God’s intentions for us.

Shalom and Maranatha!

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