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Stand up Soldier!

DevotionsStand up Soldier!

Text: 1 Samuel 30: 6. And David was greatly distressed; for the people spake of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God. 


Life is a battlefield.
It is either you’re after something or something is after you.
No man on earth is without a battle.
Going into a battle with a defeated mindset makes you a victim and not a victor.
We must understand that as believers, we wrestle against one adversary which is the devil.
When we take the enemies attack lightly, we suffer more bad than good.


A temple that is cold will constantly attract the devil and his agents.
The Bible tells us that it was when men slept that the enemy took advantage of them. Matthew 13:25.
From the Bible text of our devotional, the Bible tells us on how the Amalekites invaded Ziklag and took away everything belonging to David and his men, including their wives and children.
The devil comes in when we fail to stand on the watch.
The oppressor chooses midnight because it’s a time of relaxation for some.
At the point where we become so lazy to pray, to study God’s word, is the point where we open up to the enemy.


Nevertheless, our response to the devil’s attack matters a lot.
Many believers see every happening around them as normal.
It is an error for a believer to count spiritual wickedness as a normal activity.
Many believers respond to the enemy’s attack by crying and complaining to people.
A man who genuinely has a relationship with God is known in the days of adversity.
All the men with David gave up on God and on David.
They never perceived a possibility of retrieving what was lost.
But David encouraged himself in the Lord the Bible says.
He took the priest’s ephod and went to His prayer altar.
We must learn to act the same way as David acted.
Let that trouble draw you closer to God.
The attacks of the devil are inevitable but our response matters most.
In response, stand up! Take up the sword of the spirit and resist the devil.

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It doesn’t matter what you might have lost,
Could it be time, opportunities, blessings, whatever it might be, stand up today in the place of prayers and recover all.


I see victory all over you in Jesus’ name.
Read; Isaiah 45:11.



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