Wed. Oct 21st, 2020

Spiritual abuse and Heretic acts of worship

Spiritual abuse and Heretic acts of worship (By Dr. Joshua Sopuru)

Materials contained in this series are for Christians seeking to learn the truth of Gods word in matters regarding their faith and act of worship. The author had a revelation of Gods call for sanity in the body of Christ. 

Part 1: The heresy of Gods’ unequal love for believers

I hear heretic messages saying God loves some of His children more than others. Let no man deceive you, that is a lie from the devil! We are all loved and honored by the Most High! With such a mentality of favoritism, I wonder how we can do any better in politics than the people of the world who practice favoritism.

Some preach from John’s gospel stating Jesus loved John more than His other disciples. This is also not true. No other place was John referred to as “John the apostle loved by Christ” other than in John’s gospel. References to this can only be found in John 13:23, John 19:26, John 20:2, John 21:7, and John 21:20. No other gospel identified John as the one Jesus loved the most.

This tells us John only witnessed and personified Jesus’s love for him; however, this love was also greatly available to all other apostles in equal measure.

Mark 10:35-38 records James and John seeking to seat at Jesus’s right and left hand. The response of Jesus shows us clearly there is no favoritism or sectionalism as many “men of God” would like us to believe.

However, John identifying himself as the apostle Jesus loves should be a lesson for us to always see ourselves as personally loved by God.

Jesus speaking about His love for all says a good shepherd would leave the ninety-nine and go after the one lost (Matthew 18:12).

The church of God is a family and must reflect Gods equal love for all.

Are you in a congregation where there are some “favored” ones? Never think the father loves you any lower. Also, prayerfully seek Gods direction on actions to take as this is a clear sign of spiritual abuse.