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Some Odd and Weird Events in the Modern Church Giving Credence to the New Age Movement (Part 31)

Hillcross MinistrySome Odd and Weird Events in the Modern Church Giving Credence to the New Age Movement (Part 31)

In part 30 of this exposé, I emphasized the need for pastoral training for called pastors. It is disturbing that people get up and start arrogating the office of the pastor to themselves, without being called and without the needed basic training. Such people see Church as a business and money-spinner. No wonder we have a lot of blunders and total misrepresentation of our Lord Jesus Christ from the pulpits of many modern Church leaders.

I promised in part 30 of this exposé that I am going to analyze one of the theological blunders of such self-called, self-made pastors who abhor basic pastoral training.

The pastor told his congregation with emphasis that the Bible contains the Word of God.

When one looks at this statement at the surface, it looks terrific and sounds theologically correct. But it is a subtle deception that the devil uses to discredit the Bible and to confuse many Christians.

Saying that the Bible contains the Word of God has many serious implications that hirelings and untrained Pastors may not understand. Let us talk about it:

💡The assertion that the Bible contains the Word of God renders inspiration useless. That singular statement renders II Timothy 3:16, 17 ineffective.

💡Saying that The Bible contains the Word of God makes the rest of the Bible words of man. Remember that the New Age Movement has it as an obligation to water down the Word of God and make Christianity ineffective in the world. This is one of the ways to do that. Luciferianism makes people believe that the Bible is NOT the Word of God but it contains the Word of God.


💡Saying that the Bible contains the Word of God is toeing the line of Islam that believes that the Bible is distorted by human beings who included their own words in the Bible. Islam believes that Allah dictated the Quran to Muhammed word for word. We believe that God inspired the Bible.

💡 Believing that the Bible contains the Word of God calls for anyone to choose what God’s Word is and what God’s word is not. It depends on the handler of the Bible to choose the passages that are God’s Word and the ones that are not. You can see the effect of this phenomenon in the Modern Church.

💡Saying that the Bible contains the Word of God amounts to rejecting the Bible as God’s Word.

💡The Bible contains the Word of God is laying credence to the New Age Movement, Satanism, Shamanism, Pluralism, Syncretism, etc. It is also believing in what other religions tag as “holy book”. The belief in these “holy books” has terrible negative effects on those who believe in them.

Now listen, the Bible DOES NOT contain the Word of God, THE BIBLE IS RATHER THE WORD OF GOD.

📖He did not only inspire the writers, He also inspired the Words. The words translated Inspired by God is God-breathed in Greek. This means that God owns both the words and the writers. He also controlled them.

📖The inspiration was not mechanical, it was not a dictation (like Muslims believe of the Quran), but it was God inspiring the Words and allowing the personalities of the authors to come into play.

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📖The Word of God remains impeccable, immutable, and unadulterate.

📖The Bible is the Word of God. The art and science of biblical interpretation is bringing out what God had in mind when He inspired a particular portion. The is where exercise comes in. The verb to exegit simply means dig deep to bring our what the mind of God is in the passage. It has absolutely nothing to do with what human beings think. The Word of God is God’s Word, NOT man’s word.

So, all handlers of the Bible must be careful, so that they would not fulfill the intents of the devil in their biblical interpretations.

We are in the last days, Lucifer does everything within his reach to blindfold the world, and to confuse Christians. The Holy Spirit of God is ready to guide us if we depend on Him. Believers should know that it is not pastors that empower them to live for Christ, but the Holy Spirit of God. Many Christians over depend on their pastors and they fail to see or realize when their pastors err.

Remember, the Lord’s Second Advent is at hand. Examine yourself and make necessary amends.

Shalom and Maranatha!

From Hillcross Ministry, Jos

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