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Some Odd and Weird Events in the Modern Church Giving Credence to the New Age Indoctrination Programme (Part 2)

Hillcross MinistryLast daysSome Odd and Weird Events in the Modern Church Giving Credence to the New Age Indoctrination Programme (Part 2)

A few days ago, I introduced the above topic and promised to give the first set of the Odd and Weird happenings in the Modern Church.

Do not forget that our texts for this exposé are Matthew 7:1 and 1 John 4:1. You can read them before reading this message.

  1. A female “pastor” announced to the members of her Church that she has an anointed Virgina, any man who has sexual intercourse with her will be blessed beyond measures. She however said that it is those God tells her to release herself to that would benefit from this anointing.

This lays Credence to one of the strategies of the New Age Movement to lower the standard of the Church and to import Luciferianism into Christianity. You can imagine how many men will enroll as members of that Church.

This incident reminds me of a “pastor” (male) who was caught by policemen in patrol in Port-Harcourt having sexual relationships with a lady in his car while a night vigil was going on in his Church. When the policemen threatened to expose him, he gave them forty thousand Naira to close their mouths. But one of them was curious; he asked but why are you doing this while your church was in session? He replied: “It is when I have sexual intercourse with a lady that I have tremendous powers to cast out demons and heal diseases.” Where is God and His word in a situation like this? Test every Spirit.

You will agree with me that this is odd and weird to be associated with Christianity. The New Age Movement is succeeding in this Century to make Satan the commanding influence in the Church.

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Sex is a great weapon in the hands of Lucifer to pull down pastors and influential Christians in society. My research shows that in every 100 pastors in this Century, it is only one that has not indulged in sexual sin. The ratio is 1 to 100. This is alarming. No wonder the Church is no longer as powerful as it used to be. No wonder the world does not take pastors and Christianity seriously today. Sex is such a driving force that requires the Spirit of God and strong self-control to contain. That woman “pastor” is devil-sent because God does not contradict Himself. We must test all spirits to believe or disbelieve.

  1. A pastor (male) was praying for his followers and he inserted his hand in the cleavage and inner wear of a lady, claiming that the Lord asked him to do it so that the lady would be blessed with a husband and children. Common sense would tell us that this act was not from the Lord. It was the man’s urge for sex and lack of self-control that pushed him to doing that. He later on invited the lady to his office for further intercession. You can imagine what transpired in his office. This is odd and weird in the Church.

Remember, it is not all who calls Him Lord, Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Also, remember that you should test all spirits. If what your pastor does is not in conformity with the Bible, you do not have any business being there. Remember, the race to eternal life is an individual race, therefore, do not allow your pastor or anyone else to deceive you. The Lord’s coming is sooner than it used to be. So, be prepared.

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Watch out for part 3.

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