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Shortcuts to Spiritual Maturity

DevotionsShortcuts to Spiritual Maturity

No Shortcuts to Spiritual Maturity, It is a Process and a Journey. (Hebrews 5:11-14)

📡Science and technology, especially many modern-day inventions and discoveries are designed to help us accomplish things more quickly. Telephones, for instance, help us pass quick information to our target; microwave shortens cooking time drastically; washing machines and computers speed up other activities. No wonder this era is called jet-age. Human beings created new technology to be fast in all things. Such fastness and the desire for instant solutions seem to also hasten the demise of humanity.

📡It is, however good we bring to the notice of all that it is not every process that succumbs itself to the principles of fastness. Our growth in Christ, which is known as progressive sanctification CANNOT have a shortcut. Being a Christian is not an event of quick-fix. Spiritual Maturity is affirmatively a journey, a gradual process.

📡In this journey, we learn things on the way we would not learn otherwise. There are no shortcuts, nor contours in this spiritual journey.

📡It is sad, that some people grow little after salvation. This is because of the distorted and diluted theology self-called and self-ordained pastors dish out to their followers. They are not encouraged in their faith or discipled well. Others fail to pursue maturity through studying the Bible by themselves through the illumination of the Holy Spirit, reflection on Scripture, prayer, and fellowship. They prefer to replace the Bible with the sayings of their pastors.

📡 God is not pleased when His children opt for mediocrity and complacency. That is why His Word tells us to ´grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (II Pet. 3:18).

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📡 How does spiritual development occur in the believers?

💈By allowing the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us,
💈By learning and following God´s ways,
💈By walking in obedience,
💈By making concerted efforts to read, study and reflex on the Bible,
💈By living contented, purposeful lives for His glory, and
💈By having the ability to discern truth from distortion.

📡These are rhetorical questions, please, give a sincere answer to them:
🔖Do you notice any change in your life and character since the day you were saved?
🔖Are you able to detect spiritual growth over the last year?
🔖Do you allow someone to overshadow biblical truth in your life?

📡 Note: Your heavenly Father wants you to be mature Spiritually. Make a continuous effort to cooperate with Him by reading/studying the Bible, praying, fellowshipping, and repenting of all known sins in your life.

🪧 Remember, Christian maturity is a process, a journey that rejects shortcuts and contours. Rather, Remain in Him, Obey Him and Be diligent in following Him, and Be prayerful and consistent in your dealings with Him and people, Do not neglect the Bible, it is your handy tool to knowing the will of God, Bury your will in His, then your spiritual growth/maturity is assured. Do not be a mediocre Christian.

Shalom and Maranatha!

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