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Shepherd what is your meat?

DevotionsShepherd what is your meat?

John 4: 34.

Jesus saith unto them, My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work. 


The death and resurrection of Christ Jesus, was not aimed at providing a well paid job for preachers like we see today.
The Christian life and Faith, is a call to be like Christ.


We must understand in our today’s devotion the true essence of our salvation.
The world is producing many and different calibre of preachers, with different belief, doctrine and revelation.


Growing at my early stage of faith in Christ, due to my background and local teaching in Africa, I never knew it was possible to have a father and son relationship with the Lord.
To me, God was that big man, who would only cause me to play by His rules, without talking with me, to feel my pain at least.


I never grew to the knowledge that it was possible to have a true relationship with the Lord, hear Him speak as He hears when you speak, until I left my country and the entire shores of Africa.


Many shepherds, have turned the business of God to their private business.
Many have assumed the position of God and make their followers to fear and worship them.
Many shepherds, have hid the truth from their followers, instead of helping people build a personal relationship with God, they stand as a mediator between the people and God.
All these and more, we see in our churches today.


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Shepherd of God, feed God’s flock.
The Bible says, those that preach the Gospel will be strictly judged. James 3:1.
Many shepherds run into the ministry as an escape from life difficulties.


We must understand that the house of God is not a den of robbers as many have turned it into. Jeremiah 7:11, Matthew 21:13.
After Jesus’ resurrection, 3 times He called Peter and asked if he had loved Him and then He said to Peter, “Feed my flock”. John 21:15-17.


Our love for money and the things of this world, is a sign that our love for the Lord has waxed cold.
From our main text,
Jesus’ disciples were worried as they continued pressing on Him to eat. But His response was amazing,
Jesus answered them; John 4: 34. Jesus saith unto them, “My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work”.


Shepherd of God, what is your meat?
Is your meat for your stomach?
Is your meat for your selfish interest?
God wants us to repent from such acts and walk through His path.


Every child of God, must desire to do the will of God and finish the work of God.
That is the reason behind our salvation.
May God help us in Jesus Christ name.


O Lord cause me never to look back or compromise my faith, in my walk with you in Jesus name.


Bible study.
John 8, 4:23.
Luke 9:62.

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