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Sheep in wolf’s clothing? (No! 5 ways to recognize wolves in sheep clothing)

ArticlesSheep in wolf's clothing? (No! 5 ways to recognize wolves in sheep clothing)

Can there be

Sheep in wolf’s clothing


What is “Wolf wearing Sheep’s Clothes” refer to?

A wolf dressed in sheep’s clothes symbolizes people who appear innocent and friendly but are full of hatred, deceit, and evil. 

We are warned about false teachers in a chapter in Matthew. The person attempting to alter the Truth and Scripture to serve their own goals. They fool their audiences with false prophecies and false teachings. They teach false doctrines and appear attractive.

Sometimes, the Truth gets confused in the world of today. Blurred, Manipulated Lines get crossed. Things that once appeared to be black and white could begin to appear grayer. It can be challenging to discern what’s real from a false doctrine. What’s bright and what’s dark? In the middle of the fight, we all face is a real adversary who is on the lookout for an individual to consume. (1 Pet. 5:8) He’ll do anything to conquer new territory. The forces of his gang quote God’s Words from when time began. They have twisted it in an attempt to alter the Truth. Their main objective is to mislead and deceive. They know who God is, and the Bible declares that it is because they “shudder” in terror when they hear His name. ( James 2:19) They are aware that God alone can be victorious regardless of the traps used today to deflect us away from Him; they won’t win at the end of the day.

Is this possible “Sheep in wolf’s clothing”?

There are times when the wolf in sheep’s skin understands God’s Word more than we imagined, constructing and twisting it to such an extent that we could feel confused as to the real meaning of it. How do we recognize the wolf disguised in sheep’s clothes, and how can we identify the lies they tell to protect ourselves? Let’s first look at three indicators that will help you realize the presence of one of these people.

The Signs of a Wolf in the Clothing of Sheep

They love power, and they are themselves a leader who will attempt to gain and maintain the power they want for their selfish motives. Relationships are abused and used to achieve control (I have been abused by someone seeking control over a group of young people). A wolf in sheep’s clothes uses their position to make rules and regulations which are not part of God’s design. They do not wish to empower people through freedom and Truth; instead, they want to restrict them by imposing boundaries.

Can  there be Sheep in wolf's clothing
Can there be Sheep in wolf’s clothing
  1. They are unable to accept corrections and respond to criticism with anger.

When confronting the wolf dressed in sheep’s clothes, The response won’t come from a sense of humbleness or regret. They will react with bitterness and anger and often turn their criticism around on you. The main aim of their life is self-preservation. They will not allow anyone to interfere with their power. Wolfs appear calm before an audience but show anger when faced with a challenge. A member of a student fellowship once pointed out to a leader “a false doctrine” practiced by the church, instead of the leader repenting and turning to God for help, he instead, in an attempt of defending himself, repeated the same action… proving to the member that he was always right and she is wrong.

  1. They use their emotions to obtain What They Need.
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A wolf understands the power of emotions and words to control people. They employ guilt, shame, and fear to keep others in their grip. Wolfs know when to say sweet words of praise or use sharp words to create insecurity.

  1. They do not have the Fruit of the Spirit.

Galatians 5:22-23 provide us with the qualities and characteristics of having the Holy Spirit in a person’s life. The wolf doesn’t produce the fruits of the Holy Spirit. They might seem gentle and kind before others, but behind closed doors, they are not kind, gentle, as well as self-control and other fruit. Wolfs are prone to sinful natures and display their sins when threatened.

The best method to expose the lie of Satan is to be aware of the Truth of the One voice that is the most important. Learn the Truth, and you’ll be able to discern what’s untrue.

One method by which federal agents are taught to recognize counterfeit currency is by learning to identify the signs of “fake” by understanding first what is “real.” They research real money for long hours and study every aspect of it. They are so familiar with it that they instantly realize that it’s not genuine when counterfeit money is put before them. They know the actual thing.

It’s the same with us. When we continue to strive to understand God, who is honest and is Truth, and focus our attention on His Word, and spend time in the Word, contemplating on it, in the end, we get very skilled in recognizing what is “fake.”

How to Identify and Respond to a Sheep’s Clothes: 5 Reminders from the Word of God

  1. Keep an eye out.

“Beware of false prophets who appear to you like sheep but are wolves that roar. Matt. 7:15

God gave a reminder in His Word that we should “watch out,” beware,” to be alert. He understands and appreciates the difficulties of battling this spiritual battle. There are times when we’re exhausted or are too busy and distracted that we don’t pay attention anymore to ways to avoid getting tripped up. However, he warns us, “Be vigilant and stand firm in your faith; stand up for your beliefs and be resilient.” 1 Corinthians. 16:13


God would like only the best for us and understands how vital it is to be conscious. He offers us strength and safety to remain strong every day, and God will never leave us vulnerable on our own.

  1. Be aware of the authentic and be able to identify the fakes too.

“You will be able to identify them by their fruit …” Matthew. 7:16

God’s Word is unambiguous and says that they’ll be able to identify themselves by their fruit. Not by the amount of money they’ve earned. It’s not by how many people they follow. It’s not about how many books they’ve written or the unique actions they’ve taken. They’ll be remembered for what they produce within their life. Do they have joy, love, peace, tranquility, kindness, goodness, as well as gentleness, faith, and self-control? Are they spreading Jesus’ gospel and encouraging others to experience the forgiveness and freedom Jesus alone can provide? What do they believe about the person Jesus? What are their beliefs regarding the power of the Bible?

We might need to be more attentive to what’s happening evidently from the outside. The world typically looks at “success” and”popularity” differently than what God thinks about it. What’s the real issue? In the end, the Truth of their identity will be revealed to the light. “He will reveal the dark secrets and reveal what is in the hearts of men.” 1 Corinthians. 4:5

We can believe His Word is authentic and rely on His guidance.

  1. Learn to know God’s Word and recognize when it’s being altered.

“For it is true that Satan hides as an angel. Therefore, it’s not surprising that satan indeed hides as an agent of righteousness today. Their deeds will reflect their actions.” 2 Corinthians. 11:14-15

Sometimes, deceit may be hidden effectively, manipulative and clever. 

The Bible demonstrates that Satan hides his face as light.

If we don’t understand His Word, we’ll never be able to tell if we are being fooled. Learn about it. Recite His words. Be sure to keep them in your heart. “I have hidden your word in my heart so that I will not commit a sin in your face.” The Bible. 119:11

Begin to bind yourself with God. Talk to Him, pray to hear His words through His Word (The Bible). It is being close to Him the ensures your protection by His armor. His covering will help us recognize the signs that we’re facing Falsehood.

  1. Be awestruck by the wisdom and discernment of God’s Spirit, who is guiding your life.
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“…false prophets appear and will perform amazing illusions and miracles to fool as much as possible those who are elect. Look, I’ve told that you before.” Matt. 24:23-25

God sends His Spirit to lead us to discernment and wisdom. “When God’s Spirit of truth arrives He will lead you in all Truth …” John 16:13

Being in the Spirit instead of in our flesh. He would rather than anyone else for us to remain guided by Truth. He says, “I have warned you before,” so that we are prepared and watching. We don’t need to walk through life in a state of confusion, uncertain of what’s right or not. Suppose we’re constantly asking for his direction and guidance and giving him the authority to govern the course of our life. In that case, we can depend on the advice of His Holy Spirit. If we feel uneasy or sense something’s not “quite right,” we can draw towards Him, trusting that He’s always faithful to lead us.

  1. Begin to surround yourself with people who you trust and admire.

“Knowing this…scoffers will appear in the final days, to scoff and follow their selfish wants.” 2 Peter. 3:3

Be cautious about who you trust and whom to rely on. When we’re in a situation where we’re unable to see, perhaps due to our urgent concerns or worries, we require a trustworthy partner who can tell the Truth when needed. This is especially true in marriage. Being able to listen to others and consider what each other is sense or discerning could help save us from problems if we are alert to warnings that our loved ones might speak to us in a way that is not ours.

“Where the people have no direction, there is a chance for people to fall; however, in the abundance of counselors, they are safe.” Prop. 11:14

Accept that there are times when believers disagree. This doesn’t mean that one is a “false instructor,” but only that they’re both striving to be faithful to the Word of God and follow His instructing them to do. Still, they might not be able to agree on everything. We can see this in Scripture and can see it everywhere today. We should not spend our time fighting against our self-interest, but instead, be aware of who our real enemy is. We have the option of offering each other kindness and grace. We can focus on essential things and seek to be united in the church of Christ. Solidly united, with Christ the Solid Rock.

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