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Seeing Ourselves Through God’s Eyes

ArticlesSeeing Ourselves Through God's Eyes

Our Position in Christ

Text: Ephesians 1:3-14


I am discussing this topic so that Christians would know who they are in Christ; and for them to see themselves the way God sees them. Seeing ourselves the way God sees us will make us know that we are too precious to allow false pastors and prophets to deceive us. Anyone who knows his worth in Christ guards his position jealously because trivialities are of no value spiritually.

Let us start this analysis.

♦️Sometimes, we Christians forget who we are, and how God sees us.

♦️Sometimes, Christians do not know who they really are.

♦️ Forgetting who we are affects our minds, intellects, souls, and conducts negatively. And we will have spiritual shortsightedness (II Peter 1:9).

  Maybe I shall start to ask these questions:

✏️Are you a Christian? Have you accepted and appropriated Christ in your life as your Lord and Saviour?

✏️Do you really know who you are?

✏️What relationship do you have with Christ?

✏️Do you have any eternal place in Him?

✏️Have you ever thought of what it means to be in Christ?

Your sincere answers to these questions dissect who you really are in Christ.

By God’s Grace, we shall try to answer these questions in the course of this analysis and in subsequent exposés.

In the study of our position in Christ we shall analyze four expressions used by Paul in our text:

1.       Chosen in Christ (verse 4)

2.       Adopted in Christ (verse 5)

3.       Honoured in Christ (verse 7-14)

4.       To the praise of His glory (verse 6).

Before we get into the real study, let us analyze verse 3.

Verse 3 says “Father of our Lord Jesus Christ …”

💡This statement shows that the relationship of Jesus Christ to God the Father is unique.  It is in this Christ that we are. Do not forget this point.

💡Verses 3-14 is one sentence in the Greek text.  It is often called a “doxology” because it recites what God has done and it is an expression of worship to honor Him.

💡This is Paul’s speech of the blessing we have through the Father (verse 3), then of those that come from the Son (vv4-13a), and finally of those through the Holy Spirit (13b-14).  If the Trinity could team up to bless us, then we are unique. Do not forget this point either.

This is just an introduction to the topic: Seeing Ourselves Through God’s Eyes I suggest you read this introductory section over and over again to understand the subsequent exposés.

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Remember, this world is not our home, do not behave as if everything ends here. Furthermore, do not allow agents of Lucifer to deceive you and derail your faith. These deceivers are littered everywhere in the Church in the modern time.

Remember Jesus is coming back soon.

Seeing Ourselves Through God’s Eyes (part 2)

In the introduction of this series, l asked you to take note of two major things:

1. The relationship of Jesus Christ to God is unique. It is in this Jesus that we are.

2. The Trinity teams up to bless us.

Let us now get into this lesson and see how God sees us.

💡 Blessing Through The FATHER  

Verse 3 says: “… God … who has blessed us …”

Jewish people use the word bless to express both God’s kindness to us and our thanks or praise to Him.

By the expression “heavenly realms” Paul asserts that, through our union with the exalted Christ, we have already been made beneficiaries of every spiritual blessing that belongs to and comes from the heavenly realm.

–         Christ was elevated,

–         He was given powers and titles,

–         He rules over all for the sake of the Church.

2:6 says “… those made alive with Christ” share in Christ’s exaltation and enthronement in heaven.

“In Christ” occurs 12 times in this section, referring to the spiritual union of Christ with believers.

So, God sees us as having a spiritual union with His beloved Son, Jesus Christ. 

You can imagine our relationship with God Himself.

Now, if God sees us this way in Christ, why do we see ourselves differently and why do we go for trivialities and Falsehood? Why do we allow false spiritual leaders to reroute our minds and thoughts?

God, the Father, sees us as having a Special union with His Son. This is wonderful! We, His children MUST see ourselves in that opic, that is seeing ourselves the way God sees us.

This will make us be on alert against all Falsehood and Trivialities in life.

Remember whom you are in Christ and get ready for His second Advent.

Seeing Ourselves Through God’s Eyes (part 3)

In part two, we started discussing the Trinity teaming up to bless God’s children. Remember, we are advocating that we see ourselves the way God sees us to avoid false identity and being misled by hirelings in the contemporary Church.

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We have analyzed Blessed Through the Father. Today, we are going to analyze Chosen in Christ.

💡 Chosen in Christ (verse 4).

♦️Divine election is a constant theme in Paul’s writings.  (Romans 8:29-33; Col.3:12, I Thes.1:4; Titus 1:1)

♦️The election is wonderful and mysterious. Mysterious in the sense that it was wonderfully done without our input.

♦️Salvation begins with God, not with a man  (Romans 8:33; 1 Peter 1:2).

It began with Him in eternity past

♦️God chose us, we did not choose Him (John 15:16).

The teaching of “being chosen before the creation of the world” has brought a lot of confusion and controversy among Christians.

It is also called “predestination.” (verse 5) 

Verse 11 confirms the fact that we were chosen by God.

Some commentators say “God is not fair because He chose some and refused to choose others.

But what Paul is saying here is not that God created some for hell, and some for heaven.

He is only saying that “before the creation, God had made provisions for our salvation.”  In order to be saved, therefore, one must tap from that provision.

The statement also means that “God knew us even before we were made.” This is known in theology as the Foreknowledge of God.

Oh yes, He chose us first, because He made the initiative move; but we also have a responsibility to choose Him in return (John 6:44, then 40).

Because God has chosen us and we have in turn chosen Him and became holy and blameless, we have a wonderful blessing in Christ (John 17:24).

This is the last will of Jesus for His followers:

📌To be where He is

📌To see His glory, His eternal splendor (I John 3:2).

All of this belongs to us because we are chosen in Christ.

Paul brought in the doctrine of election, not to stir up controversy or speculations; but to assure us that our salvation is not based on the unsteady foundation of our weak and faltering faith.

📍It has its base on God

📍It is rooted in His plan – before the foundation of the earth

📍It reaches forward into eternity when in Christ, we will be perfect and without blemish.

📝God chose us in Christ both for present salvation and for future perfection.

📝We do not need any extraordinary miracle or wonder to confirm it.

We are saved and sealed with the Holy Spirit.

♦️Salvation does not rest on our fickle faith.  ♦️It rests or stands firm on God Himself, His plan and Work.

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♦️Knowing that God has chosen us in Christ reassures us.

♦️Knowing that God has chosen us in Christ makes us grateful to Him

♦️Knowing that God has chosen us in Christ makes us more committed to Him

♦️Knowing that God has chosen us in Christ moves us toward a goal: – To lead a holy life, – a life that pleases Him.

📌Holiness is the result, not the basis of God’s choosing.

📌Holiness refers to both positional and progressive sanctification.

📌Positional Sanctification is the holiness imparted to the believer in Christ because of Christ Himself  – at repentance.

📌Progressive Sanctification is the believer’s holiness by the Holy Spirit.

Have you ever sat down to think about your being chosen in Christ by God?

We were rotten, stinky, cursed, and condemned, but God decided to choose us in Christ.  He cleansed us after that.

It is really marvelous that we sinners, without hope, are now chosen in Christ by God.

How do we live as chosen people of God?  (Gal.5:16; Col.2:7,8; 3:1-4).

Being Christians, we are seen by God as:

1.       Reconciled to God (II Cor.5:10)

2.       A Chosen Generation (1 Peter 2:9)

3.       Justified (Romans 3:24; 5:1; 8:30)

4.       Children of God (John 1:12)

5.       Placed in God’s Kingdom (Col.1:13)

6.       God’s Special People (1 Peter 2:9)

7.       Citizens of Heaven (Phil.3:20)

8.       Alive in God (Romans 6:11)

9.       New Creation (II Cor.5:17)

10.     Clothed in Christ (Gal.3:26-27)

These depict how God sees us.  Therefore:

♦️When we give our bodies to sin, it is like dipping white linen into the mud.

♦️Giving ourselves to sin is like throwing away the concrete for the abstract.

♦️Giving ourselves to sin is like disregarding the real for trivialities.

♦️Giving our thoughts to sin is like a deliberate rejection of normal for the abnormal.

Why do we as chosen people settle for worldly momentary pleasure to lose an eternal dividend?

Why do people destroy God’s temple in a deceitful pleasure to lose our souls in perpetual damnation?

📍Oh man, what has gone wrong with your thinking? 

📍Oh man, what has usurped your brain?

📍Oh man, what has blindfolded your inner eyes?

It may be you have not got this special favor in God because you have not known Christ.

Let us see ourselves the way God sees us avoid being rerouted by false and fake leaders of the modern Church.

Shalom and Maranatha!

Rev. Daniel Sopuru

Hillcross Ministry, Jos.

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