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Seeing Ourselves Through God’s Eyes

ArticlesSeeing Ourselves Through God's Eyes

🔑The concluding part of this exposé Seeing Ourselves Through God’s Eyes seems to be belated, in the sense that it would have come before now. I know you can still go back to the previous parts (1-8) to be acquainted with the entire exposé.

🔑In part 8, we discussed our first duty as unique people in the sight of God. Our First Duty is to Maintain Our Father’s Name.

🔷Our Second Duty is Singing Praises to God’s Glory

🔑Both now and forever, we can sing songs of praise to God which even sinless angels do not know.

🔷 For example

🔑When we sing about redemption stories, when we sing about His grace and salvation, angels do not know about them. These are purely redeemed people’s experiences.
God’s heart is gladdened when we sing in appreciation of His salvation, Grace, and Redemption.

🔑It is a pity that some Christians do not know how to make a joyful noise to God in their lives.

🔑Even in the Church, such people find it difficult to sing praises to God’s glory. They tie up their lips, frown, and look unhappy.

Paul says it is a unique duty to sing praises to God.

🔑David says we should dance to God’s glory (Psalms 149, 150).
Show God through songs that you appreciate His salvation, His grace, His works, etc.

🔑Make a joyful noise unto the Lord (Eph.5:19-20).
📍It soothes the heart
-📍It removes you from the earthly realm into the heavenly,
📍It makes you forget your worries,
📍It uplifts your heart,
📍It makes you feel God’s presence,
📍It brings revival into your weary soul,
📍It makes your face beam with Joy.

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🔑Have you ever thought of the difference between a great song and a great sermon?

📍Not many people read Martin Luther’s Sermons, but we sing songs written by him.
📍Few of us read John Wesley’s messages, but every Christian enjoys singing his brother Charles’ hymns.
📍D.L. Moody’s sermons are seldom repeated, but we still sing hymns written by his song leader – Ira Sankey.

🔑May I suggest that you accompany your daily Bible reading and prayer with singing or reading of a hymn because according to Martin Luther “The devil dreads a singing Christian.”

🔑If you have God’s light in your heart, it will show on your face.

🔑God thinks so highly of us that He gave us the Holy Spirit as His guarantee of eternal glory.
📍The Holy Spirit in us is the mark of God’s possession,
📍The Holy Spirit in us is God’s down payment, assuring us that we will share heaven with Him.

🔑 We are unique because we are twice God’s: By creation and by redemption.

🔑We are God’s eternal treasure (Eph.2:4-7)
📍We must show, display, and exhibit, this quality in us
📍Even angels see us as unique to God, and we must not let God down
📍We must worship, praise, and adore Him.

🔑Remember, do not let false prophets and preachers make you forget who you are in Christ, and the way God sees you.

Shalom and Maranatha!

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