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Say “NO” to laziness

DevotionsSay "NO" to laziness

John 5: 17. But Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.


The word laziness means, unwillingness to work, or use energy.
To be lazy also refers to idleness.


Right from the time of creation until now, we can see Biblically that our God is not a lazy God.
When Jesus was accused of healing on the Sabbath, His response was; “My Father worketh hitherto and I work”.


If God is our Father, then there’s need for us to get up and start working.
Laziness is like a spirit that when you entertain it, it destroys all the program on your daily schedule list.
Many believers are lazy to pray, lazy to evangelize, lazy for spiritual activities but when it comes to their earthly activities like their job, the gain strength.


A believer must know that whenever he starts noticing the sign of laziness in carrying out spiritual assignments, he’s gradually opening the door for the enemy.
A believer who has refused to work, will not see the hand of God.


To be constantly idle and fruitless is contrary to scriptural teachings. And anything that goes against God’s Word is a sin.
Many believers have buried their talents as a result of laziness. (Matthew 25:26).
Remember that a spiritual talent you have failed to use, another will take.


The book of Proverbs gives us a description of the lazy person;

1. A lazy man is a procrastinator.  A procrastinator is someone that puts off what should be done.
The word of a procrastinator is always, I will do it tomorrow.
( Proverbs 20: 4. The sluggard will not plow by reason of the cold; therefore shall he beg in harvest, and have nothing).

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2. A lazy man is someone that uses any excuse to avoid work. Whenever there’s a task at hand, that is when they become feverish.
When is time for evangelism or prayers, they make excuses with their school projects on a regular basis.
( Proverbs 22: 13. The slothful man saith, There is a lion without, I shall be slain in the streets).


3. A lazy man wastes time. When you see someone who is lazy, He spends lot of time doing nothing. They can spend a complete 24hrs on the bed sleeping. The Bible says;
( Proverbs 6: 9. How long wilt thou sleep, O sluggard? when wilt thou arise out of thy sleep? 10. Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep: 11. So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth, and thy want as an armed man).


4. A lazy man is unconscious of his environment. For a man to study his environment and be conscious of every happenings, He has to get acquainted with the environment first. But a lazy man will know nothing about his environment because he cares less.
( Proverbs 24: 30. I went by the field of the slothful, and by the vineyard of the man void of understanding; 31. And, lo, it was all grown over with thorns, and nettles had covered the face thereof, and the stone wall thereof was broken down. 32. Then I saw, and considered it well: I looked upon it, and received instruction).


Laziness does not fit who we are as believers. Our Father expects us to live purposefully and work hard.
To be lazy and turn out a poor performance damages our testimony as believers
When Jesus called the 12, they were all busy hard working men. And until the end, they never stopped working.

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Child of God, choose to work for the Lord today.
Say “NO” to laziness in Jesus Christ name

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