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Benefits of walking with God (5 amazing benefits)

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God of ALL possibility

God of ALL possibility Text: Luke 1: 37....

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Rapture: A true story of Ahmad

DevotionsRapture: A true story of Ahmad

What if you woke up one normal day and observed this on the headline of all known TV stations “Rapture: Could this be what Christians spoke about?” This is the story of Ahmad, a 32 years old man living in Afghanistan. Ahmad did not know about Christianity and was never a believer in Jesus. But his story changed his life.

On the 1st of June 2022, Ahmad went to bed as usual but had a different experience. “As I lay down, I had no thoughts of God or did I think about life after death. I laid down like the same Ahmad, thinking of how to make money the next day. I never knew God had a life-changing encounter he would like me to witness”. The scene was so real; I found myself doing my normal business as it was already morning. As I passed a small store, my eyes fell on a noticeably loud Television. An inscription on the news read, “Rapture: Can this be what Christians spoke about?” This indeed caught my attention as I stood gazing curiously at the TV. Listening to the content of the news, the lady said, “The rapture as preached by followers of Jesus Christ all over the world seems to have taken place. Many have been reported missing in different parts of the world.”

What does this mean? I asked myself. What happens next? Is this happening? From another station down the road, another breaking news reads, “Many have been reported missing in different parts of the world.”

Is this real? I asked. Fear gripped me as I observed people crying and asking God for help. Still not understanding why the panic, a hand appeared in the sky with a clear inscription on the sky “Jesus is coming soon, walk with me.”

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Suddenly I discovered it was a dream. I couldn’t stop thinking about the meaning of this dream. I never knew this Jesus, and I do not hear about him. Why should I dream of something like this? With fears all over me, I searched the internet for “How to walk with Jesus,” and I came across the Benefits of walking with God. After reading this article, I decided to make the prayer…, and this is my starting point.

Ahmad contacted us with such great testimony. He is now a believer and is enrolled in discipleship. We are grateful to have made an impact on his life. You, too, can reach someone for Christ by sharing a testimony or partnering with Ministries like ours. You can help sponsor testimonies like this to reach more people for Christ. Each dollar you donate to POM is used to sponsor our content to reach more people. Grateful for his testimony.

To share your testimony with us, send an email to personaloutreachministry@gmail.com.

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