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Prepare to meet God

Text: Matthew 25: 13. Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.

Our life is temporal, it is borrowed and we’re expected to live like people who will someday stand before a supreme being to give account.
Beloved, live daily like it was your last, forgiving your offenders, fleeing from sin, consciously living in the fear of God.
Jesus Christ is coming back again.
This message has never lost her value over the years, it has always remained the same.
Jesus is not coming for a visit, He’s coming to rapture the saints home.

Nevertheless, a man who dies today, already has nothing but judgment awaiting him, and can only be saved by his work on earth.
A popular song says, if you do good kingdom, and if you do bad, no more kingdom.
Beloved, God has led me to remind us about His coming, remind us about eternity, and warn us about the way we live.
In Matthew 25, a parable is told of some set of ten young virgin brides, who had carefully kept their virginity waiting for the bridegroom.
But it was recorded that because they never knew when the groom would come, five were called wise because they had an extra oil in their lamp while the other five who missed the groom were called foolish because they had no extra oil and had gone out to buy oil at the eleventh oil.
Beloved in the same manner God wants us to get extra oil.
The preachers message is an oil in your lamp, but not enough to keep you moving until the arrival of Christ.
You need a constant study of God’s word, a constant renewal of your mind with God’s word.
You need to daily forgive your offenders, daily avoid sinful activities, these are extra oil for your own personal benefit and salvation.

Today, make a decision to draw closer to God, make God your everything in life, live like it was your last day, holding nothing but to love others even as we are commanded to do. Romans 13:8-10
May God bless you.
May we never miss Heaven in Jesus’ name.


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