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Pray and never faint.

DevotionsPray and never faint.

Text: Isaiah 62: 7. And give him no rest, till he establishes, and till he makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.


Most times as believers, we suffer unnecessary attacks and oppression because of a dead prayer life. Prayer is a great act that helps us maintain communication with God. It is a consistent and continuous act. Most believers faint in the place of prayer.


As Jesus taught in Luke 18, He told a story that tells how needful it was for man to pray than faint.


What does it mean to faint?
To faint is an unconscious state life. Whenever prayer becomes a task and burden, you are fainting as a believer. Whenever we grow lazy to pray, it’s a sign of the fainting spirit. When we keep postponing a prayer prompted by the Holy Spirit to another day, it’s a fainting Spirit.


God is calling us back to the place of prayer. We must take our stand as God’s children and reclaim possessions in the place of prayer.

We must give the Lord no rest in the place of prayer until the issue is settled like the parable of the poor widow. Prayerlessness will give birth to faithlessness. But a man that prays, walks in results. A man that prays, is a man of Faith. Nothing takes him unaware.

A prayer Life reveals the impossible and future to you.


Decide to stand strong today and return to the place of prayer.
May God help you to live a life of prayer in Jesus’ name.


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