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Power In The Truth

DevotionsPower In The Truth

John 8: 32.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


From my definition, Truth is the positive evidence of facts.
The truth that sets free is not the one we know and hide.
The truth that sets free is the one we stand as witnesses to testify.


In order words, receiving freedom by the truth is having encounter, relationship, experience with the truth.
It is not the academic knowledge or knowledge by information of the truth that sets free, but the revelational knowledge of the truth is what sets us free.


Many people even Christians are still in bondage, because they lack the revelational knowledge of the truth. They don’t know the truth, they don’t witness the truth in any way.

Having encountered quite some number of Muslims in my evangelical outreaches, I discovered that most of them know Jesus Christ but are still in bondage. Why? Their knowledge is based on information and not relationship and revelation. No faith to backup their knowledge, no encounter, no experience.


They have knowledge of an unknown God like the Athenians in Acts 17:22-23.
The Bible says the truth sets you free, showing a relationship between me and the truth.
It shows that the truth knows me as much as I know Him.


So now we see clearly that the truth is not just a word, but a person.
So until we start living in the truth, walking in the truth, speaking in and by the truth, there’s no total freedom from sin, and every works of flesh.

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Who is the truth? John 14:6, Tells us that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life.
To simplify this verse, “The Lord said He is “The Way” not a way, “The Truth” not a truth, “The Life” not a Life.
The world might present something that seems original but you must know their is one way, one truth and one life and that is Jesus.


So getting freedom by knowing the truth, leads you to living a life that the truth wants you to live.
A Life in the Spirit gives us victory over sin.
When we take a close look at the life of Christ on earth, we would clearly understand the life we are called to live as God’s children.


Let the word of God be your standard of living.
Follow the steps of Christ Jesus.
A song writer pleaded for the Lord to reveal His foot prints that he might walk in them.


As you realign your steps and recognise the place of the Lord in your life today, I pray power of sin be broken completely in your life in Jesus name.
I pray Grace be released unto you, to live above sin, Grace to start a sincere and strong relationship with the Lord and Grace to constantly feed on God’s word be released unto you in Jesus name.
The power to work upright and never to return back to your past and sin, be released unto you in Jesus name.


God bless you.
Your freedom is permanent in Jesus name.

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