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Pleasant Places

gospel musicPleasant Places


Born in November in the year of 1967 in Sjambokland, now known as Kenwyn, to beautiful parents who would raise me and reminded me constantly to fear God and to acknowledge Him.
We then moved to Hanover Park because of the Group Areas Act. It was here where I spent my childhood years, realizing that I can actually hold a note. Since the age of nine I would find myself singing at restaurants and, at what we would call, cabaret events.
We then moved to Mitchells Plain in 1980 where I enjoyed my teenage years and continued with the cabaret evenings, performing mostly cover versions, as that was the In thing at the time.
Then I started writing my own material and at the same time felt God’s calling upon my life, my first touch of Jesus. But being pulled from one lifestyle to another became an unsettling norm. I then met my ‘wife to be’ at twenty-five, was sold out for Christ at the age of twenty-seven….with a baby girl on the way.
All the more my repertoire of original composition was increasing and improving. I started discipleship under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, Bro. Dave Ornellas and Derrick Carter, while part of a worship team. This was where the Lord God was preparing me for manhood, sonship, ministry, becoming a husband and eventually fatherhood. Then I thought I took a few wrong steps, but not realizing that my steps were ordered.
My family and I moved to Athlone and continued to minister at gospel events and churches. Then everything stopped. The ministering, the singing, even the writing. From one who would get new melodies and even completing entire songs in minutes….to nothing at all.
But then the dreaming started, prophetic dreams, to the extent where one would wake up only to record the dream, then back to sleep only to dream again and again. Then my wife started dreaming, and we would compare notes, and pretty soon we would understand what our Father was saying…either by encouragement, warning or direction. I felt as though the running around had stopped. No more being tossed to and fro. No more seeking validation from anything and anyone, but reclining into the peace and knowledge that the seven billion of us can all be the apple of God’s eye…if we let Him. Then the writing started afresh, with new ideas, new melodies and structure.
Then there was an increase in momentum that I would sense in my spirit to pursue that which I was created for…and both our dreams would confirm what was in our hearts. To leave the land of the familiar, like Abraham had , to risk losing comfort and stability and to commence trading in the talent that God has gifted me with. Unfamiliar, scary, fearful initially…but no more. Instead, fearless, bold and with power and authority from on high, taking up my mantle, my office, my heavenly calling and anointing with confidence in the one to whom I owe it all…Jesus.
To give the fruit back to the one that gave the seed. To make sure that there is a substantial return on His investment in winning the lost to Him…Jesus.

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The album Pleasant Places culminates from being inspired by an awesome God who embraced us through the sacrifice of His love one. It reflects His life and love towards us and, personally, the giving of my life and love in turn, to Him.
From A Father who would prepare a ‘Pleasant Place’ for us not only in heaven, but here on earth, who would cause us to be in right standing, not because of the good we do or say, but in right standing because of His son’s death, of Jesus living inside our hearts, being the ‘Good Man’ because of Jesus.
Of having the desire to accept His hand in marriage when He proposes, and striving to be faithful to Him, as we would towards our spouse, the church…and the church being faithful to Him in ‘Beautiful Bride’, despite the many prevailing inconsistencies, and then the overwhelming and spontaneous outburst of joy to just love on Him in ‘That’s why I love you today’ because He has to be worshipped in our praise…. and praised in our worship.
And if He could do what He Did for Daniel and Joseph, knowing that He is not a respecter of persons, surely by faith we can receive the ‘Ten Times Better’ because ‘He Bled’, and ‘According to His word’, we can, and we are who He says we are.
It’s not just the beatings, the nails, the mocking. It’s not just the crucifixion, the forsaken loneliness, the Father’s tears. No, what makes it even more gruesome a price to pay, is to have hell poured out upon you in the end, straight from the cup of the Father’s wrath in ‘You Don’t Know.’ And now He wants to ‘Rescue’ you from YOU, before you self destruct.
Because if given the chance, He will love you ‘Like no-one ever will’, because He is love, the author of love, the alpha and the beginning of love and there’s no end to it, unless He says so.
And as He died for us, we are required to die, because every seed produces after it’s own kind, and we are to follow the pattern Son. And because He died we now live abundantly, and if we were to die then so will others live….our wives, our husbands, our children, our friends, our colleagues, and brothers and sisters in Christ.
So my prayer is that you will find Him, even in the dessert of your life……that dessert of not having, that dessert of loneliness, of regret and past hurts….only to discover Him in the fountains and springs of contentment, provision and healing.
Get the balance right. He will show you the proper ratio of cheese to the macaroni, with the required ingredients to get it to taste like Macaroni and Cheese.
I love it, because He’s always showing me. And He won’t stop until He comes.

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Pleasant Places Album:

  1. Pleasant Places
  2. Good Man
  3. Beautiful Bride
  4. That’s why I love you today
  5. Ten times better
  6. I bled
  7. According to your word
  8. You don’t know
  9. Rescue
  10. Like no-one ever will
  11. Will I die for you
  12. If I can find you
  13. Macaroni and Cheese

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Biography. Born in November in the year of 1967 in Sjambokland, now known as Kenwyn, to beautiful parents who would raise me and reminded me constantly to fear God and to acknowledge Him. We then moved to Hanover Park because of the Group Areas Act. It...Pleasant Places