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Hannah was the wife of Elkana, a woman whom God had made sterile. The meaning of her name in Hebrew is Grace or favor. Hannah also by the grace of God became the mother of Samuel the prophet of God and the last judge of Israel.

The Way to Marital Fulfillment: A Handbook For Conjugal Survival In African Perspective

This book has come about almost unexpectedly; not because I want to put another book on the shelves of bookshops, but because I have...

Great encounters

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The saliva of the holy ghost! (What has Christianity Become in the 21st Century AD?)

It is no longer funny, the happenings in Christianity today are not only fearful, but they are also destructive and deceiving. Listen to this: I...

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Moren Khay (Gospel Artist)

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Pleasant Places

Olorun Giga (King David)

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