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Our ever present help

DevotionsOur ever present help

Text: Psalm 46: 1. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.


As trouble is normal to man, so is solution normal to God.
I see people dialing emergency numbers, in time of distress and in most cases, it takes more time than expected before their arrival.
It’s time to change the dial over that situation, that difficulty, that health challenge.
Have you been dialing friends to help you financially and they keep disappointing You?
Have you been dialing hospitals over that health challenge and it keeps getting worse?
Today, change the dial and call on the ever-present help in time of trouble.


Jesus Christ the living son of God is our ever-present help in time of distress.
He is so much closer and real to you, so much more than the person next to you.
He has promised to answer and give attention to our distress calls. (Please see, Matthew 7:7-8, John 14:13-14, John 15:7, Psalm 50:15).
All God requires to settle or bring calmness to the raging sea, is a call.
Being born again, will not stop the sea from raging, but it’s beautiful to see that when we call, He stills the storm.


As I studied my Bible on the account of Jesus and His disciples and the raging sea in Matthew 8:23-26, I discovered that these men, had Jesus in their life, but the storm rose.
As a believer, don’t give up on a God that loves you to the point of sacrificing His only son for your redemption just because of an ordinary challenge.

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Being a born again Christian, is not an escape route to storms of life, but it gives us an assurance of an expected end and victory over the turbulences we encounter.
Despite Jesus was in the boat, yet arose a great tempest in the sea.
The Lord was asleep and maintained calmness.
Despite the sea raged at its peak, yet the boat couldn’t be destroyed because the Lord was there.
Now child of God, you can clearly see that no challenge, no difficulty, no pain, is permitted to put your back on the ground.
Just like the disciples later realised the presence of the Lord and called unto Him for help, in their cry they said; “Lord save us, we perish” Matthew 8:25, God wants us to call unto Him.


As you call unto the Lord today to save You, I pray by the reason of this word Today, “God will arise and rebuke the storm of your life and restore calmness to you in Jesus name.
He did it before, He will do it again, for He’s always the same. Hebrews 13:8.


Wash your hands and purify your hearts says the Lord. James 4:8.
When we are purified, we can call on Him, He will answer us and show us great and mighty things that we don’t know about the present and the future. Jeremiah 33:3.
But when we call on Him with a sinful heart, He will not hear, for sin separates us from Him. And the call of a sinner sounds abominable to Him. (Please see, Isaiah 59:1-2, Proverbs 15:8).


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Would you want to make your ways right with God again?
Say these prayers by Faith.
Lord Jesus Christ.
I have come to you just as I am with all my mistakes, my sin and weaknesses.
Forgive me Lord and help me never to turn back to sin again.
I confess you this day Lord Jesus Christ as the Lord and savior of my life.
Thank you for saving me.
Thank you for delivering my soul from damnation.


Rejoice child of God.
Go ahead now and present all those challenges to God in prayers.
I see victory all over you in Jesus’ name.


Please if by the encounter of this word, and God visits You, kindly share your testimony with us on the testimony section of our page.
We would like to build the faith of others through your testimonies.



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