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New Wine

DevotionsNew Wine

Text: John 2: 10. And saith unto him, Every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine; and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse: but thou hast kept the good wine until now. 


Our God is a just and faithful God.
He created everything for a purpose.
God has a great love for the work of His hands.
The Bible says it pleased the Lord that all He created was good and on the seventh day, He rested. Genesis 1:31.
It pleases God that every soul on earth would be saved.
God can go to any extent, to redeem His own and draw them back to His love.
When the first generation of the Israelites sinned against God in the wilderness, the Lord denied them rest into the promise land, as their journey tarried until 40years.
We must understand that God would undertake in any means possible, to build our trust for Him, our Faith in Him, our character, build a solid relationship with Him until we conform to His will and purpose for our life.
Extending the journey of 4 days to 40years, was not an act of wickedness, it was an act of making, an act of discipline and a process of making new wine.


In my research and study on the process of making a new wine, I realized that most challenges and difficulties we pass through in life, are because of the process and the pathway of God’s pattern of building us to His taste.
When a man is in Christ, his old nature is gone and the new life he has is now the life of God and he lives by faith in Christ Jesus.
A Life Of repentance is a total reliance on the one who has saved us.
After the separation and translation from darkness to light by the reason of Salvation, the process of rebranding, building, and transformation begins.
It is always a painful process but the end is worth the pain.

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At first, the fruit for the wine is separated from its tree, and then the pressing and crushing process follows.
It takes time and patience to make a good wine.
When we miss the due process, the wine will be useless and thrown away.
There’s a time where it has to undergo a cleaning process with some drugs.
There’s a time when the juice of the pressed fruit is sieved into a new bowl or mixer and leaving the residue behind.
The process continues carefully until the wine is ready.
We can see this process Biblically in the life of God’s children.
Every man used by God undergoes a wine process.
Joseph in the Bible got separated from his family at a younger age, he was a slave in a strange land, he was imprisoned and suffered all kind of pain until it was time for him to be announced and served as a new wine just as the Bible tells us. Psalm 105:16-22.
A notable point we must learn from these men in the Bible was the character they portrayed amidst their challenges.
Abraham kept the faith because he trusted God.
Isaac kept the faith.
Jacob kept the faith.
Joseph kept the faith and never denied God.
And many others.


You might be going through some difficult situations and you think God is dead.
God is not dead child of God.
God is much closer than the closest person you can see around you.
Do not compromise on your faith.
Remain faithful to His word.
Diligent to His assignment.
And God will bring the best out of you.
Remember there are wines with a high and international demand and there are wines with a local and low demand.
It all depends on the process they have passed through.
Be patient, trust the Lord in every situation, remain faithful and obedient, you might be at a global process and that is why it gets tougher daily.
There’s always an end but when we lose our patience, we would miss out on God’s plan.

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You’re a new wine in the making, and at God’s time, you would be served fresh on a hot demand to your generation.
Keep your faith alive and enjoy the valley experience of your making with the Lord.


I pray for Grace to keep looking unto Jesus Christ alone. Amen!



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