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My Father’s House: A place of worship

ArticlesMy Father's House: A place of worship

Mathew 21:13

And He declared to them, “It is written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer.’ But you are making it ‘a den of robbers.’”

In a dream, I saw a meeting of many men of God (General overseers and known church leaders in the world). As one of them ministered, the spirit of God was present in form of a dove on the alter. Captives were set free, sicknesses healed and many gave their lives to Jesus.

Suddenly the coordinator said, “We have worked soo hard and now it’s time to have fun” A so-called gospel comedian was then invited to amuse the people. Suddenly the dove representing the spirit of God flew away and a hand appeared in the sky showing Gods’ judgement.

It is disheartening how comedy has engulfed the church of this age. I stumbled on one of the services of Pastor Lanre Oluseye and could not stop crying seeing comedy inside the house of the Lord. Not just him, some Pentecostal pastors like David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel are not left behind in this ungodly act.

I understand words are not effective to change this and many other misconducts in the house of God. However, I plead with such custodians (people whom God has given the opportunity to cater for his flock) to keep the house of the Lord pure. Comedy is not for Gods house… take your comedies out of Gods house. The church of God must be kept holy and free of all frivolities.

Child of God, think a little… What will Jesus do? Join you in laughing at such jokes in the church? Jesus died on the cross for our salvation and not entertainment. Many churches have opted for entertainment in other to make more money and enrich their “owners” with more private jets and luxuries.

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Jesus walked into the temple and saw the buying and selling going on there and he chased them away with a whip, why then do you think that being part of such gathering will save you from Jesus’s whip?

Your church should not be an entertainment ground! desist from such! God bless you as you consider this message.

If you find this offensive, please note that this is written with the aim of repentance and not offence.

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