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Mountains, stepping stones to greatness

DevotionsMountains, stepping stones to greatness

Text: 1 Samuel 18: 7. And the women answered one another as they played, and said, Saul hath slain his thousands, and David his ten thousands.


Mountains in our study today, are difficult situations, challenges we suffer as believers.
There’s no mountain or situation difficult for God to handle.
For God will never suffer His own be tempted more than he can bear. 1 Corinthians 10:13.
These things come to build our faith, they have come to draw us closer to God.
What you see as a challenge, might be an opportunity to greatness for another.


Today God wants us to exalt Him above whatever we face as challenges in our faith.
When God is exalted, He takes us above all things.
The mountain you thought was the end of your road, was really the step of great promotion and announcement to your life.
When Goliath of Gath stood as a hindrance to an entire nation, David saw him as a stepping stone to greatness.
Whatever you call a situation, is what it becomes to you.
When Goliath was seen as a hindrance by the Israelite army, He really became a hindrance to them.
But here comes a little boy David, who remembers and keep statues of the mighty works of His God.
David knew that if God would be praised and exalted, nothing will ever stand in his way.
David was bold to declare that if God would deliver him out of the paw of lion and bear, He would surely deliver him from the hands of Goliath; and the rest was history. 1 Samuel 17:37.


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That situation is not new under the sun.
Don’t lose Faith, don’t lose Hope, tighten up your stand and do even double of your spiritual activities.
Put the devil to shame by your strong and relentless attitude to service.
Remember you are not the only one passing through such a situation the Bible says. 1 Peter 5:9.
If God has done it before, He will surely do it again.
We must keep our focus on God alone.
A man in Christ, have His divine covering.


Decide today, to praise God more than the way you complain.
Share testimonies more than problems.
Draw closer to God’s word daily than backslide from His word.
Are you not surprise that we most times go through same situation as the ones recorded in the Holy Bible?
These things happen because we have one Faith in one God.
Now God has written His word, to help us in the days of our adversity.
If God would break barrenness at a very old age, in the time of Sarah and Abraham, it’s a sign that none of His faithful children will go unfruitful.
It doesn’t mean we would suffer barrenness to that age, but it tells us that no time is impossible for God to do a miracle in our lives.
So many stories in God’s word for admonition.
As you study God’s word, don’t just see the challenges of these great men and women of Faith, rather see their great and beautiful ending.
Remember Joseph, Job, Hannah, Ruth, Jacob, Paul, Abraham, Sarah, Moses, Daniel, and many other beloved brethren of old in the Faith.
None ended with their mountains.

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I pray for you, May the God I serve in truth and in Spirit, challenge whatever that have challenged you from today in Jesus name.


God bless you.

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