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More Giants

DevotionsMore Giants

Text: 2 Samuel. 21:15-22

Once again there was a battle between the Philistines and Israel. David went down with his men to fight against the Philistines, and he became exhausted. 16 And Ishbi-Benob, one of the descendants of Rapha, whose bronze spearhead weighed three hundred shekels[a] and who was armed with a new sword, said he would kill David. 17 But Abishai son of Zeruiah came to David’s rescue; he struck the Philistine down and killed him…


Everyone knows the story of David killing the giant Goliath (1Sam. 17). But did you know that there was another giant in David’s life – one whom David was not able to kill. Ishbi-Benob was the giant’s name. And like Goliath, he was a philistine. David bravely faced the enemy, but the giant proved too much for the king. It took Abishai to rescue David from certain death.

So beloved, beware:

1. Goliaths have a way of coming back (15-16).
That is, similar difficult challenges have their way of coming back. The Bible says that once again there was a war between Israel and Philistine. And there was a giant similar to Goliath in every way (height, stature, strength, and determination). And since David was considered in Israel “a giant slayer”, it behooved on him to confront this one. This time around, David was not, perhaps, consciously prepared to face such a huge figure – for he was not expecting such. But when finally David fought with him, David became exhausted and could not rout him. Of course, David was not adequately prepared, but this giant, Ishbi-Benob was not just prepared, but also determined to kill David.

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Lesson: beloved, beware – Goliaths have a way of coming back. David might have thought that he would not encounter such a huge figure, Goliath, again. But here he did. As a Christian, you might have won some commendable battles, but beware, such circumstances and challenges can sprout again in different ways.
Therefore, never say it is over until It is over.

This truth is heralded throughout the Bible: ‘watch and pray’, ‘pray without ceasing’. These Biblical expressions are a sermon to readiness. For you never know when there is another giant around the corner. 1Cor. 10:12 says, ‘let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he falleth’.


2. You cannot always win the battle alone (17).
At first, when David faced such a mighty, intimidating figure, Goliath, he did it alone – God used only him to achieve such a tremendous success. But here, when he faced Ishbi-Benob, he could not do it alone. Beloved, I put it to you that if not for the intervention of David’s nephew, Abishai, David would have been defeated. Many of us think that we will always achieve all those alone – at home, in the office, at work, at school.


3. God does not always do the miraculous.
When David faced Goliath, God directed his sling and stone, and with them miraculously brought the giant down. It was an undeniable miracle. But when it came to Ishbi-Benob, God used Abishai’s sword. Beloved, the truth I’d that, “sometimes God does the miraculous; more often, he uses the means available to get the job done. To many of us, the name of God is synonymous with ‘miracle’. Whenever God’s name is mentioned our hearts think of miracles. Today, God is impressing it on our hearts this truth about himself. God can use any means available to do it.

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4. No Human Enemy
At least, if not in our eyes, in God’s eyes, there is no human enemy. David had not always agreed with what Abishai did (2Sam. 16:9-12; 19:21-23). But Abishai, with all his faults, was the man God used to save the King’s life. It might surprise you when you get to heaven to discover the Christians God used here on earth to help you along the journey of life. Therefore, never consider anybody your enemy – for God could use him/her to help you in future.


5. Your daily disposition is your give- away (17).
By your day-to-day dispositions, people will form some opinions about you. If you take time and read about David’s attitude in general, you will discover a man absolutely mindful of God and others. The Jews considered David as next to God in respect. Little wonder the statement they made here concerning David, “Israel’s lamp”, meaning ‘invaluable’. Beloved, how do people around you see you (spouse, children, friends, relations).


6. God Can also Use Others (18-23).
Verves 18-22 are the history of Israel’s giant slayers. Initially, it was David. And he was being paraded as ” giant slayer” of Israel. Here, a list of others: Abishai and the rest. Indeed, it is a record of how God enabled others to do what Israel’s most powerful king did. Beloved, do not think that you are the only one who can do it, others can, as well, do it. That God who enabled you to do it can enable others to do it as well. So don’t pride yourself about as if you did it by your own ability. It is always all about God, and not us. No need for pride. It is rather a privilege that he is using us.

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By Pastor Udogu Chukwuebuka

(BA Theology, MA New Testament Studies)

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